Oribi Organics Oil Cleanser

Our balancing Oil Cleanser is made with a select blend of botanical oils to gently but effectively deep clean pores, remove impurities, stubborn 24-hr makeup & sunscreen & keep skin hydrated in one easy step using the oil cleansing method. It is most effective when used in the “double cleansing method”.

Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Essential oils of organic Tea Tree & Lavender

Price: R145.00
Availability: https://www.oribiorganics.co.za/

What we say:
I absolutely love an oil cleanser, as double-cleansing is my go-to for avoiding breakouts and congestion. This organic oil cleanser from Oribi Organics has a spa-feel to it. It smells like tea tree and lavender, and feels rich and luxurious on the skin. It removes every trace of makeup, and emulsifies beautifully when a little water is added and gently massaged into the skin. Best of all, my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards; I experienced no dryness or tightness at all. I love that it only contains natural ingredients and that it’s manufactured locally. Plus, the cleanser is housed in a glass bottle which is much better for the environment than plastic. If you’re considering opting for a cleaner beauty regime, this is a fantastic place to start.
– Anien, BSA Editor


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