Denman Paddle Brush

The Denman paddle brush is perfect for gently grooming all hair lengths and types. With ball-ended nylon pins set into an air-cushioned, natural rubber pad it gently penetrates the hair to straighten, smooth and dress the style.

What we say:
‘I am not one to sit for hours and blow-dry my hair. I like to wash and dry and go. If, however, you don’t have naturally straight hair this can be a problem. When the Denman Paddle brush landed on my desk I was really keen to try it out and couldn’t wait to wash my hair that night. I know my hairdresser uses the brush when she dries my hair and gets great results. And, I also got great results!

‘My hair dried a lot quicker as I could get to more hair with the large paddle brush. My hair was smooth and soft. I even got asked what special treatment I’d done because my hair is so shiny!’
– Zoe

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15 Responses

  1. Although i have frizzy hair, i have to say i tried the paddle brush and think it’s great, it’s by far better than the round blow dry brushes i have been using.

  2. i love paddle brush and enjoy brushing my hair few times to keep them looking shiny.

  3. Must definitely get my own. My daughter use to do my hair with hers. She moved out now and its a story to get my hair straight the way she did.

  4. I love the paddle brush, makes a difference when you blow dry your hair

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