Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel

Paula's Choice Cleansing Gel
  • Effective for: Anti-Ageing, Eczema, Extra Sensitive Skin, Redness, Rosacea
  • Cleanses gently with 99% percent natural ingredients
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Removes makeup and rinses easily, leaving skin smooth
  • Gentle enough for use on babies and children

Price: R305


What we say:
Paula Begoun is the author of “Don’t go to the Cosmetics Counter without me” and is famed for telling the truth about beauty products. Obviously she has her own range of products but interestingly, she is always happy to recommend other brands – she wants people to find products that suit them and that work for their skin. How cool is she!

On top of that all her products are 100% guaranteed to work for your skin type and concerns, 100% fragrance-free with no added dyes and are clinically proven to be non-irritating. They contain no animal-derived ingredients of any kind and the packaging is entirely recyclable. So Paula’s Choice products come for me with a whole lot of good feeling before I’ve even tried them. Her Earth Sourced Cleansing Gel is mild (in fact, it is so mild it is suitable for use on babies!) and removes make-up and dirt quickly and easily and left my skin feeling clean and without that tight, dry feeling I normally get after washing with water.  I really liked this product although it smells funny. The thing with products that have no added scent is that (while it is much better for you skin blah blah) is that they still SMELL. Of all the stuff that’s in them. And without the added scent (yes, I KNOW it’s not good for sensitive skin) the products just smell pretty bad to me. So while I love the idea and the values behind this product and I actually really liked the product, the smell just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry Paula.
– Irene


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