Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo & Conditioner

Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Strenghtening and Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

Essential cleansing to strengthen any look. It comes to hair’s rescue, guarding from stress. Professional Sebastian’s Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner are colour safe and remove stress for super-strong, silky-soft style.

What we say:
‘There is nothing that boosts my confidence like having a great hair day. I’m always on the hunt for hair products that are consistent with their results while being quick and easy to use.

‘Professional Sebastian’s Penetraitt Shampoo has a great consistency that spreads easily throughout the hair and foams up well. It has a really great fragrance that is soft and pleasant, which I personally like as I’m not a fan of hair care products that have an overwhelming scent. The shampoo removes oil and dirt incredibly well without the feeling that your hair has been stripped of all its moisture. The conditioner also has a great scent which makes it a treat to apply. It nourishes and moisturises each strand of hair. The thing I love most about these products is that it leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and doesn’t weigh down my hair at all.

‘These products are meant to be used on chemically treated hair so it works wonders on hair that needs deep nourishment. Both bottles last well as a little really goes a long way; even at a higher price compared to supermarket brands, this works out to be good value for money.

‘I have fine hair that falls mostly straight but is prone to a few flyaways in the dry, windy summers and a bit of frizzing in wet the winters that Cape Town experiences. After washing my hair with these products and blowdrying my hair, it had no frizz or flyaways and looked beautifully healthy. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I did have an allergic reaction to the shampoo and conditioner. They caused the skin around my neck and chest area to become red and very itchy, but my hair looked amazing. I may be allergic to one or two of the ingredients, so double check the packaging if you’ve got really sensitive skin.’
– Gee Whiskers


6 Responses

  1. A local hair salon in my area sells this shampoo and they swear buy it. Its often hard to tell if they are trying to boost sales or if they truly believe in the product. So i was pleased to hear the comments on here. I’m not sure I will b e heading for the salon straight away, but I might consider it when my shampoo runs out.

  2. Thanks for the warning regarding sensitive skin / scalp. I’ll check on the “ingredients” before trying this product. By the way, great review Gee Whiskers !!

  3. I find this hair care range slightly more expensive than the rest but I did not find the quality that came with it. I had to use more conditioner than normal and it did not give my hair that amazing soft feel that other salon products give.
    I used this once and never used it again

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