Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex Naturals Gentle Exfoliating Facial Foam

The first step to even toned skin with a natural glow. Gently washes away dirt and impurities that cause dullness and gently exfoliates your skin to reveal bright, sparkling clean skin underneath.
Key benefits:
Contains Green Tea Extract
Dermatologist tested

What we say:
I found this face wash smooth and silky – the liquid creates a soapy foam that feels beautifully soft and gentle against my skin. After using it my face felt refreshed and thoroughly cleansed. I like the fact that the formula contains exfoliating crystals, as it removes all the dead and dry skin cells that I sometimes struggle to get rid of.

I really enjoyed the smell of this product. It is very clean and fresh yet citrusy at the same time. Hints of green tea and lemon extract can be smelt when opening up the bottle. The squeeze-bottle makes it easy to get out just as much as you need so there is no spilling and wasting.

The product is easy to use and left my skin feeling clean and looking radiant. I really enjoyed using this face foam because of its lovely smell, and the wonderful feeling my skin had after I had used it. I would buy it again and I’d definitely recommend it to others!
– Marche

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One Response

  1. New POND’S perfect colour complex™ Naturals not only improves the health of your skin, but enhances its beauty as well. I made use of this premium skin care range, and from the first day, I could already feel and see improvement.

    What drew me to this product at first was its fresh smell. The smell makes you want to try the product out. If it smells fresh, surely it will make your skin smell and look fresh, which is exactly what this cleanser did in a mere pea-sized amount. This cleanser becomes very foamy, so you don’t need much more than that. Less is definitely more with this product. The foam is ultra smooth and calming on your skin. It leaves your skin literally squeaky clean once it has been rinsed off, which I love. There’s nothing better than when your skin feels, looks and smells clean.

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