Charlotte Rhys Perfumed Candle

A yummy perfumed candle to fragrance the air while slowly burning with a comforting glow.


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  1. I suppose it depends on what your priorities are but I would never ever pay R300 for a candle. Its OTT for me

  2. I have used the Charlotte Rhys scented candles over the years and they are terrific.

    Its a quality brand with a delicious smell and they make wonderful stand alone gifts to a lucky friend!

  3. It looks divine to me. Something I could use for pampering myself while taking a bath.

  4. Charlotte Rhys is very ooh la la, but R300 for a candle? No no no.

  5. I simply love candles but his is a bit pricey. Wish it was more affordable!

  6. I like perfumed candles, but I am certainly not going to spend that much money on one candle

  7. As much as I love such treats, I’d much rather splurge on a body lotion and use an oil burner to release some pretty scents in the house. The Body Shop have some great scents at affordable prices and they last a very long time.

  8. I love this candle as a gift idea, but I can’t help but think what more i can get for R300.

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