Charlotte Rhys Perfumed Candle

A yummy perfumed candle to fragrance the air while slowly burning with a comforting glow.

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20 Responses

  1. I love perfumed candles! They can be the perfect, chill out in the bath time product. This one is a little too pricey to burn often.

  2. I really love scented candles and would like to try this,,,, but its a bit too pricey for me…. Pity

  3. I always have candles burnng in my house! I love the smell and no matter what the price, a nice smelling home provides a comfortable environment. I prefer Yankee Candles though.

  4. It really does look like a chic candle… but R307? Really? Other than that.. I really can’t say.. I would have to try it.

  5. Although I just love scented candles, the pricetag on this is a bit hefty. Would love to give it a try though ….

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