Prevage Clarity Targeted Skin Tone Corrector

Environmental damage can leave our skin with dark spots. This targeted treatment helps improve the appearance of dark spots and combines the proven brightener, Soy Ferulate-C, with Idebenone, to restore even-toned, younger looking skin.

What we say:
‘Although the sample size was very small and only lasted 10 days, my skin felt silky and looked brighter and smoother. The lotion is easy to apply, is absorbed quickly and has a fresh fragrance.’
‘Two weeks into my test, I went to Thailand for a week and pretty much lived in the sun. Despite applying an SPF every day, all that UV exposure cranked up my pigmentation to the max. The slight pigmentation blotches below my eye go intensely dark in the sun and then gradually fade out within three months. Thing is, as I’ve been using the Prevage product religiously, the marks have faded out three times as fast. In all, I can tell you that Prevage definitely worked out for me. Also, as you only have to use a teeny little drop on each spot and not all over your face, I’m probably noteven a quarter through my bottle. If you’ve got mild pigmentation you’d like to blitz, consider trying Prevage Clarity. It worked for me.’
Claire Jooste


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  1. I have used so many products for my dark spots. Most products would manage to remove a little but I have not yet found a product that could clear my skin completely. I hope it’s worth it’s price as it’s expensive.

  2. I really saw results with prevage.But to work even better you need the whole set and its so expensive,its really expensive but i have to say it lasts long and its a very very good product,

  3. What is the price of this? I have used the uriage pigment range, which is quite reasonably priced, would like to try this

  4. Isn’t Prevage what Jennifer Aniston uses? I’ve heard good things! Problem is that’s it’s so expensive! I’d love to try it. Maybe when I marry a millionaire.

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