John Frieda Protecting Root Lift Foam

A root boosting formula, which creates instant body with natural movement. John Frieda’s Protecting Root Lift Foam contains inchi oil that delivers a weightless and flexible lift at the root that lasts.


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  1. I seem to have a love-hate relationship with the Full Repair range.
    This product requires vigorous shaking to form a foam when pumping. If you forget to shake it vigourously, or put it down after shaking it vigourously, you will be rewarded with a sad, watery mess.
    When used with a straightening iron, this product left my hair sticky and flat.
    Used with a blow dryer and paddle brush, however, gives amazing results with regard to the appearance of volume.
    As already stated, the pump action is difficult to use – the bottle however is aesthetically pleasing in both shape and colour. It also smells great.

  2. I can stand in the shops for hours trying to decide on a root pump or a volume mouse, so I am happy to read that this product is a good choice to test the water. Thanks ladies.

  3. I like the weightlessness of this product and that it has properties to protect and nourish the scalp and hair root. Very affordable too which is a bonus.

  4. One product of John Frieda that you have to add to your hair product basket, it’s amazing and it’s smells like perfume wow i love this product and you get the most awesome hair results ever, my hair looks great and feels so good LOVE IT.

  5. Not a fan of the John Frieda shampoo but this product rocks, really adds gorgeous volume to your hair

  6. This fantastic product is your answer to have amazing bouncy voluminous hair, apply to wet hair and style your hair the way you always do, this is a gentle foam that gives your hair volume and at the same time protects your hair against heat, and ladies if you smell this foam you gonna fall in love with John Frieda Hair Products, it has the most divine smell ever, and no stickyness whatsoever, a terrific product that i will definitely recommend.

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