Sally Hansen Pumice Foot Polish

While Sally Hansen’s Pumice Foot Polish exfoliates your feet it also moisturises thoroughly. You might want to put a pair of (old) cotton socks on after the foot lotion: the socks keep the heat in and act as a wrap, helping the lotion to sink into your feet, leaving them soft and lovely. Do this once a week, just before bedtime, and your feet will stay gorgeous all year long. The daily application of moisturising cream (or something even thicker, like shea butter), is a perfect opportunity for a gentle massage of the soles and ankles, too.


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  1. You can always tell a lady’s true age by her hands. Sally Hansen ensures your secret of age stays safe keeping your hands moist, soft and young. Just the best!

  2. This amazing foot scrub makes feet super soft and smooth and works in a matter of minutes. All dead skin is gone and you’re left with smoother looking feet.

  3. Great product! I love how soft my feet feel after using this product. It makes me feel as if I have just been to a spa and received a relaxing pedicure. Amazing results, definitely recommend this product to all!

  4. Definitely a product to consider purchasing on your next shopping spree. Great review. I’m gonna try this out.

  5. Summer is upon us, no more ginger cakes Sally Hansen Pumice Foot Polish will take care

  6. I love the smell, and once applied it is not oily on the skin, pulls in quickly

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