Garnier Pure Daily Deep Pore Wash

If you have a combination to oily skin and are prone to blackheads, Garnier Pure is right for you. It cleans your pores deep down and is enriched with purifying zinc and salicylic acid, which helps to slow down the reappearance of oil on the skin.

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7 Responses

  1. I have used this product for the longest time and not only does it prevent breakouts, but it also genuinely minimizes the appearance of blackheads on my nose.
    The formula has a gel-like consistency with microbeads that smells fresh. I must admit, I would prefer a creamier formula, however, this product does what it is supposed to, so I am not going to complain.
    The packaging has a fresh design and it easily lasts about 6 weeks, when using it to wash both morning and night.
    I strongly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from breakouts due to oily skin and/or people who are prone to blackheads on the sides of their nose.

  2. This is my favourite face wash now! It’s the second time I’ve purchased it and I will definitely keep buying it.
    It doesn’t dry my skin out too much like most other acne face washes do, they give me dry patches around my nose as well. But this one doesn’t. It clears my breakouts faster and prevents new ones from popping up.
    I can really see an improvement in my skin since first using this. My skin feels fresh after washing it and stays matte all day.
    For the price, I think its a steal!

  3. I almost purchased this product. Cs I have blackheads on my nose , but after reading the comments it made me scared to try it out. I have combination skin. Don’t think this is for me.

  4. Love, love , love this product! Yes it leaves your skin tight but that is why you balance it out with a moisturizer that works with your skin. I have problem skin and this definitely works for me and I have yet to find another product that does better!

  5. I used mine exactly three times before giving it away! Left my skin very tight and extremely dry after using it. I have a combination skin, some areas are dry and others are prone to oiliness and have pimples on my cheeks so maybe the product just wasn’t suited to my skin type and might work better for someone with just oily skin

  6. I have a very oily T zone and I do not like to compromise with products claiming to rehydrate your skin and also take away oiliness. I think I would buy this product again if they make certain adjustments like have more of a moisturising property. because it gets rid of oiliness, I feel it strips natural moisture from my skin. My skin felt quite taught after using this :(

  7. Being combination to oily skin, I must give this product a try..Salicylic acid is the key word here..:-)

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