Essence Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturizer

This tinted moisturiser is a true all-rounder. It covers up and battles spots and blackheads as well as preventing new impurities of the skin. At the same time, this light cream is absorbed quickly, has a mattifying effect and offers intensive moisture. Available in two shades for lighter, medium and darker skin types.

What we say:
‘Essence’s slightly tinted moisturiser offers very light coverage but will work well as a moisturiser for summer. It provides a non-greasy layer over the skin and absorbs pretty quickly. If you don’t have too much of an uneven skin tone and very light acne scars then this lightweight lotion is perfect at creating an even tone. I have a few fading acne scars, so it covered some of them, but not all. Essence’s Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturizer is a great entry-level product for ladies who have never used foundation before but would like to dip a toe into the wonderful world of cosmetics. The price point makes it a great first-time buy as you won’t feel you’ve forked out too much cash on a “risky” buy or an “experiment”. The tinted moisturizer isn’t really buildable so be careful not to apply too much or your skin will begin to look shiny.’
– Megan


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  1. So I bought this a while back, I think it still had another design actually, anyways at first I thought that it wasn’t tinted enough for me, every blemish was still visible which was a letdown.
    I love the texture when it settles on your skin it’s almost a matte feeling and doesn’t look at all caked on. It smells a bit strange but nothing you can’t get used to. This is certainly something that you should try, the price is well worth it and fits into my budget.
    I recommend that you give it a try, it is great as a primer especially if you have oilier skin.

  2. My sister is still in High school and struggled with her skin for a while now, we have literally used every brand on the market including Salon Brands for her skin and nothing worked, some products made her skin clear up for a while, and then it would go back and others just made it worse. My sister was scared to try Essence because of it being a cheaper brand, she was scared it would make her skin even worse, but after a while she tried it because well she didn’t have a choice. After using it for about a week you could clearly see results, her skin wasn’t clear as can be, but you could see a difference. After using this product for about 4 weeks you could see magnificent results, all her imperfections and marks went away, my sister doesn’t leave the house without it and swears by it.

  3. This tinted moisturiser from Essence is now known as the Pure Skin Anti-spot BB Cream.
    By far the most affordable yet effective BB Cream on the market! I think it goes for about R59.
    It contains an SPF 10 which is a bit of protection and better then nothing but I wouldn’t recommend being in the sun for extended time with just this as protection.

    It is a BB cream so it isn’t full coverage but it is enough to even skin tone and cover lighter marks. I would use it under normal foundation during bad breakouts. I use the Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Cover Cream concealer on spots and darker marks underneath the BB cream for extra cover.
    Active ingredients like SALICYLIC ACID & ZINC PCA help fight spots and speed up healing. I did notice that spots seem to heal and disappear faster when wearing this daily. Its hard to say whether it helped prevent them at all though.

    It is limited to one “universal” shade, natural beige which definitely isn’t for a lot of skin shades and certainly isn’t “universal”. I am just lucky that it happens to match my skin.

    It states that it has a mattifying effect but I find it has a slight shine and cant wear it without applying powder on top.

    Just a tip if you look for this (or any of the Pure Skin range) in a Clicks or Dischem store, you wont find it by the Essence makeup stand (which is of corse where I went straight to), its by the face creams and washes and specialised products (I wandered around more then one store not knowing this haha)

  4. As someone with problematic skin, I use this product every single day. It’s probably one of the cheapest tinted moisturisers out there but I find the mattifying effect difficult to find in other products. This does not dry my skin out but it does not leave it shiny either.

    The coverage is extremely light, I sadly would never use this product alone as it does little to cover my acne scars. The colour range is fairly wide. In terms of packaging, it comes in a blue cardboard box, which is nice but the aesthetics of the product does have room for improvement. There are many languages to read and the front has a lot of information bombarding me, the consumer.

    The product has a light, pleasant scent that is not too overwhelming and comes out of the bottle quite easily until the end, which is when you will experience the (what I like to call) “toothpaste tube effect” where you have to squeeze for your life. A pump could be an option for future prototypes perhaps?

    Despite the light coverage, I still continue to use this product because of the skin benefits. I’m on my 6th bottle or so. Recently, I have been converted to the Garnier Pro-Active BB cream, which is more expensive, however, it offers more a lot more coverage and smells even better.

    I would recommend this product for first-timers and for those with skin problems.

  5. I bought this for my daughter. It works very well, and she’s had far less break outs than before. I’m very surprised at the good quality for such an affordable price!

  6. I actually love this moisturiser. At first I was a bit afraid to try it out, but now it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. This moisturiser is lightweight and has a lovely tint which is perfect to give a light coverage. The moisturiser has a slight menthol tingle as soon as you apply it. If you’re using this moisturiser, don’t expect an extra good coverage, but you can get a good even coverage by using face powder over the moisturiser.

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