Nivea Q10Plus Firming Body Cream

Q10Plus Firming Body Cream

Nivea’s Body Firming Cream Q10Plus helps reduce the skin’s orange peel appearance. Containing active iso-proteins and skins own co-enzyme Q10, it visibly lifts and firms to bring your skin back into shape.
The result – noticeably firmer, smoother skin.

What we say:
‘It’s in a tub and has that classic, remarkable, Nivea scent. And I love dipping my fingers into a jar of cold cream. Perhaps not the most practical packaging when you’re on-the-go.’
– Leigh-Ann Mol

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9 Responses

  1. I used this on my cellulite and found a huge difference in only a month. my thighs are smoother looking and less bumpy.  I will definitely continue to use it.

  2. I like the nivea lotion, it is very nourishing, but as for the cellulite reduction, I haven’t seen any as yet. But this lotion is great if you need it as a moisturizing lotion.

  3. This is a great cream and good value for money. Makes my skin so smooth and soft. I totally love it.I dry skin and this helps alot. My skin is so smooth and firm.

  4. I have used this and the Q10 oil. While they did make my skin wonderfully soft, they didn’t actually make my skin any firmer. I recently bought a bottle of Sevearah….and WOW!! It is much more expensive, but definitely works.

  5. A friend of mine bought it and it did wonders for her so i went and bought it but i unfortunately have sensitive skin and it did not work for me as my skin did not absorb it for some reason so i was left with dry itchy skin… not nivea’s fault my skins different .. so sad

  6. Its so awesome, i just cant live without this cream. I used it in conjuction with their Avocado oil tissue oil and it works like a charm. My stretch marks are lighter and my skin is soft and nice. You just have to be patient!

  7. As always Nivea has once more come up with a practical product that’s affordable. You know you can trust this cream to deliver as with all Nivea products. Thanks you for delivering consisting quality products Nivea.

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