Sh’Zen Rehydrating Balm

A rich, nourishing balm that restores moisture and comfort to taut, dry skin.

What we say:
I must say the Sh`Zen Rehydrating Balm is my ultimate favourite. It has a very soothing, fresh smell that I just can’t get enough of. If feels as though one has just stepped out of a spa, and smells like it too. It is ideal for soothing dry and problematic skin.

I apply this cream after my bath and it doesn’t leave my skin sticky like most creams do. I have been using this product every day and definitely will be purchasing it again. It lasts long, as after a long day’s work I can still feel my skin is nourished and soft.
– Candice

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4 Responses

  1. This balm is perfect for eczema, atopic dry as a desert skin like mine… it rejuvenates, softens, deeply moisturises and smells so good.

  2. This is a excellent product. It makes your body feel so soft and beutifull its unbelievble will defnitly recommend it to every woman out there.

  3. This product is my winter must have! It is absolutely thick and rich. It keeps skin well nourished during the dry weather and makes sure skin is always hydrated. This body balm can be used in conjunction with the Sh’zen Rehydrating Bath for better skin. After frequent use of this balm, skin feels softer, smoother and softly scented. For best results this balm should be used on damp skin to be absorbed better.

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