Soy Lites Rejuvenation Moisturising Soy Candle


Soy Lites Rejuvenation Moisturising Soy Candles are 100% pure soy oil candles that melt at only two degrees above body temperature. When burning the oil, wax melts to form a pool of oil, which is warm to the touch, making it possible to dip your finger into the soy oil pool without burning yourself. The oil has a smooth, creamy texture and is rich in nourishing vitamin E and lecithin. Additionally, essential oils are blended for their aromatherapy benefits.

What we say:
‘Soy Lites candles are excellent to use after a long, busy day. The aromatic fragrance leaves a calm relaxing feeling in the air and is a perfect compliment to a hot, steamy bubble bath. I will definitely recommend this to friends and family! I definitely like the fragrance and the look of the candle, and it made me feel pretty relaxed after having it burning for a while.

‘I used the oil on the nape of my neck as it is an area that always feels achy when I’m stressed out. I rubbed my fingers in the oil and massaged into my neck, and 30 minutes later I could feel the muscles weren’t as tense. I was even able to move my neck a bit more easily as it was pretty stiff before.’

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