REN O12 Rose Moisture Defence Serum

REN Rose Moisture Defence Serum

An ultra-moisturising oil formulated to give dry and dehydrated skin a powerful shield to lock in moisture and restore glowing softness, comfort and radiance.

Price: R750
Size: 30ml

What we say:
I have been using serums for a while now, and before trying this product I used a creamy serum from Shiseido. I am not overly keen on the oily texture of this product and found it very runny. I ended up wasting quite a bit, as it comes out of the bottle like water. It is very oily to start off, but absorbs rather nicely if left for a few minutes.

The smell is very “clean” and like the name suggests, very rosey! I do like the smell, though it could be overpowering if used in conjunction with any other “smelly” products. My skin felt very soft and silky after using it and no allergic reaction (which is something I am prone to).

I have been using it once a day (in the evening) for the last two weeks, and have been applying a moisturiser over it. Overall I have enjoyed using the product and would definitely continue using it.
– Celeste



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