Labello Repair & Beauty


We all know lips love Labello! Which is why they have launched a new, exciting product that will smooth and repair your lips and at the same time add a rosy tint.

What we say:
‘Not another one?! Really?! “Ok,” I thought, “I have nothing to lose, let’s try this.” It promised to make my lips soft and smooth… Why not!

‘So the first thing I did when I opened Labello’s Repair & Beauty balm, was smell it. I always hope that it doesn’t have that smell that irritates you. You know the one, that leaves a terrible taste in your mouth. Luckily Labello’s balm is definitely NOT one of those. A tingly sensation makes you aware it’s doing something to those dry lips that winter AND summer sun can bring. But this balm is a bit different, with the inner core to sooth dry, chapped lips and an outer core, that’s pink with a shimmer! How great is that; a lip balm that soothes and repairs your lips and makes them look all glossy and glam! Have you ever?! Slap it on at the beach, and then afterwards in the evening while having cocktails. Either way, it works and it’s glam! What more could a girl want!

‘PS: if you want to dazzle it up a bit more, add a slick of gloss, and you’re on your way for a night out after the cocktails ;) SUMMER IS HERE!’
– Nadine

This product is no longer available in South Africa.

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