Kalahari Revitilising Booster Gel

This revitalising face gel applies easily and evenly and leaves skin feeling soft and looking vibrant and energised. Apply twice a day after toning and before moisturising.

What we say:
I’ve never used a face gel before (even my moisturisers are creamy instead of gel-like), and as it’s winter, I was a little sceptical about applying a product that usually has a cooling effect. However, after using it for a week I can happily say that I’ll continue using it, and that it’s not at all reserved for summer!

The gel’s consistency is smooth and lightweight – it spread evenly across my skin and absorbed quickly. It’s not as cold as I expected it to feel; instead it is light and refreshing. I waited a few minutes for it to sink in before I followed with my BB cream, and although I didn’t expect anything drastic, my skin definitely looked fresher and more vibrant. Plus, it felt more energised too – my wintery dullness was definitely less.

I love that it contains so many natural ingredients (I’m a bit of a greenie at heart). Every time I applied it I was reminded of the fantastic work that Kalahari does to help those who are less privileged and to make a difference in South Africa… It put a smile on my face and has become my “feel-good” beauty product of the moment.
– Anien

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20 Responses

  1. I to have dry skin. And in winter it just gets worse. This Gel should work for me . I will have to put it on my shopping list.

  2. It seems a bit pricey as the quantity is small for over R200. That definitely puts me off

  3. Thanks for this review. I think I might want to try this…my cheeks are super dry and with winter well under way, I need something moisturising. I hope it will help

  4. Hi McPherson

    This gel is suitable for all skin types, so it should work for you regardless of your oily patches :)

  5. I would love to give this product try and i am sure it will be worth every penny spent.

  6. I’m always a bit reluctant to apply gels and lotions and potions all on top of each other – but this sounds too lovely! Thanks for the review!

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