Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin

Long-wearing coverage with Time Release Technology and a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. Specifically made for combination or oily skin to control oil absorption and shine. Your look stays flawless throughout the day.

Price: R239
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide


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  1. Catrice Cosmetics eyeliner pen/liquid liner is probably the best felt tipped liquid liner I have ever used. Bold claim! I can back it up.

    I’ve used a number of liquid liners from high-end brands to the lower prices. From MAC and Revlon to Essence and a R10 bargain buy in a ‘sale’ bin.

    In this review, I will list my findings from packaging to application.

    The Pen: The length is great. Small enough to fit in a smallish on-the-go makeup bag and long enough to hold it properly for the application. The snap cap seals the product very well. I’ve never had a dry tip.

    The Tip: It’s a felt tip. It’s short and sturdy, it holds a lot of liquid. The liquid glides on so easily.

    The liquid: The black is very black! So amazingly pigmented! It dries down to a matt and won’t move all day! It won’t scrape or flake away if you go over it a few times – huge plus!

    Wear time: I find on my eyes it wears all day. I have worn it on my lids with no eyeshadow and it still holds up really well.

    Any cons?

    If you do happen to ‘draw outside the lines’ the clean-up is very difficult. Once it’s on the skin it’s on there.. so clean up is tricky, especially if you have applied your foundation first. Be precise and careful! This product will make you improve your application purely because you don’t want to clean up a mistake. lol.

    ♥ Sandy

  2. This medium to full coverage foundation is the perfect light weight base for a beat face. The Combination/Oily skin formula doesn’t clog pores and it mattifies the skin without drying it. The dewy and fresh look it gives is fantastic. It comes in a wide variety of shades and the packaging is travel friendly and the pump dispenser is user friendly as well. This foundation is affordable and buildable. Try it.

  3. My shade is Medium Beige 005 – Oily/Combination
    This foundation stays out without needing a touch up for about 10 hours. I’ve never tried it for 24 hours  because that’s just a bit gross but I’m sure it lives up to its name! Shine is significantly less while wearing Colorstay foundation but it doesn’t dry the skin. It doesn’t cause breakouts either and it doesn’t run off onto clothing easily, so snuggle away! I’m so happy they have put it in a pump bottle cause to me that was the only downside to this foundation. Now it gets a 10/10

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