Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish

Rimmel Rita Ora 60 Secons Nail Varnish

Eight fast-drying nail shades that offer a hot and cool pop of colour.

Price: R69.95
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:

Shade: Hot White Love
I am slightly obsessed with the white nail polish trend at the moment.  I find it is just such a classic look that goes with any outfit.  I have always loved Rimmel nail polishes – they are a good size for the price and the brush ensures quick and easy application.

For the white nail look, I always ensure that I have cut my nails short and filed them into a square shape, as I find this is the best option for this nail colour.  What I loved most about the Rita Ora Nail Polish in White Hot Love is that it was a brilliant shade of white – it really stands out, especially after 2 coats.  I finished off with a topcoat to ensure a fast dry.  I did find that the nail polish didn’t dry as fast as I expected, but I do always apply a base coat, 2 coats of colour and topcoat, which probably hindered the quick drying process a bit.  Also, I was slightly disappointed with the wear of this nail polish.  After 3 days is started to chip and there were visible cracks.

Overall this is a good product – easy application, great colour, it is just a pity about the longevity once applied.  But there are great shades available, so I would definitely give the other colours a try.
– Janice, BSA Traffic & Campaign Manager

Shade: Let’s Get Nude
When it comes to nail polish, I tend to lean more towards bolder shades and I rarely paint my nails in a nude shade. That being said, if I am going to paint my nails nude, it has to be a particularly beautiful nude.

When I saw the Rita Ora Let’s Get Nude nail polish shade, I was impressed and holding thumbs that the shade would be as pigmented on the nails. With nude nail polish I often find that 2 coats is not enough to create a non-streaky finish, yet the Rita Ora Let’s Get Nude looked perfect after just 2 coats.

After applying my top coat I waited patiently for it to dry and was slightly disappointed that it didn’t dry as quickly as the name suggests. Let’s be honest though, no nail polish dries in 60 seconds?

I was very impressed with the high shine formula of the nail polish and loved the end results! The nail polish lasted almost a week on my nails before it started chipping, so I would definitely consider trying other shades in the collection.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


8 Responses

  1. Quick drying nail polishes are the best. They make you look pretty without the added stress of worrying about smudges. I have the nude colour and is dries very quickly which I adore. The only thing though, it isn’t as opaque as I would like it to be. You have to build it up with a few coats to get the perfect finish. But once this is done, it is so pretty! The nude colour works with any outfit and just gives a polished look. If you want a glossy nail, you would have to add a shiny clear top coat. The packaging is cute with an almost pop art inspired Rita on the cap. This colour also looks amazing paired with an accent nail or two.

  2. My favourite part of this nail colour is that it comes in a nice small pot – so I never feel like I am wasting it, as I never seem to be able to finish my other pots of colour.
    It really does dry faster than other varnishes I have tried, however, it needs slightly longer than 60 seconds to get to a completely smudge-proof finish.
    I wish they had a larger selection of colours, as I really rely on this product when I don’t have time to do my nails.
    Also, the brush is a bit difficult to handle.

  3. I have tried different nail polish brands in the past and different types of Rimmel but I really love this one. It really is long-lasting and easy to apply.

  4. I love having colour on my nails, I feel totally naked if I don’t have anything on my nails, even if it is just clear, which very rarely happens. The colours in this Rimmel range is what caught my eye, such stunning colours, which offers a colour for all preferences. I never expected to be as happy with the brush as I was though, the brush is quite wide and I am not sure if it is the polish itself or something coated on the brush, but the polish glides on like a charm. It goes on evenly, leaving no stripes or dry spots, totally flawless and it does not chip. If you are someone that uses a keyboard a lot, the colour does fade from the tips, which I would say is normal, but it does not chip off, so its very easy to do a quick fix.

  5. I love all of Rimmel’s nail polishes. They dry quickly, usually are opaque within one coat, and last around a week with a top and base coat. They are also only R45 at Dischem as opposed to the R70 stated above. For the price you get a decent amount of really great quality nail polish. They have a wide variety of lovely shades and I am sure everyone will be able to find something that suits them. Definitely give these a try!

  6. I have RIMMEL 60 SECONDS in “sir, yes sir!” (dark purple) and “green with envy” and I love them.. They really do dry super fast and lasts for days!.. this Rita Ora range is awesome! Need to try some of these colours!

  7. I recently received six colours to try out. I love it, with names like “breakfast in bed, lose your lingerie or don’t be shy” you can imagine the sexiness. The colour stays brilliantly on your nails for more than a week… but seriously who wears one colour for longer. It’s quite difficult to remove from your nails (no stain though) but I have this awesome foil and nail polish remover trick that works like a bomb, so it wasn’t any trouble for me. So to wrap up my review beautiful colours, long lasting :) and awesome names. Well done Rimmel and Rita Ora.

  8. I have one in Bio Blue. I applied it with a base coat, then the Rimmel nail polish, after 20 minutes, it still was not dry, after another ten minutes tired of waiting, I took and earbud and gently wiped the nail, the nail polish came away.

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