Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Colour with Lycra

Rimmel Lycra Nail Polish

Up to 10 days chip resistant nail colour with gel shine finish. Including 10 amazing shades created by Kate Moss. Includes our precision maxi brush for salon perfection!

Availability: Retail stores nationwide.

What we say:
I tried shade “Urban Purple” and when it comes to bright colours the shade is fantastic! I absolutely adore it, and the nail polish itself is a great product as well. The precision maxi brush is amazing and the polish definitely lives up to the promised “gel shine finish.” Only issue I had with it is that it’s definitely not up to 10 days chip resistant – more like four (although I am pretty tough on my hands.) I also really appreciate how I don’t need to apply multiple coats to get a solid colour; you get that with the first one. Dying to try out the other shades, 10 of which were created by Kate Moss.
– Nicky, BSA Advertising Executive

Keen to give this new range from Rimmel a go, I tried shade “Britpop,” a bright blue colour reminiscent of 1960s pop art. I absolutely love the colour – it’s bright and bold and as the bottle promises, there is a definite gel-like look and texture to the polish.

At first I struggled to get used to the brush as it is completely flat and quite wide, and most of the brushes I am used to are thinner in width. However, despite this I found that I actually messed a lot less than usual, and the polish went on my nails rather than my cuticles. It didn’t take too long to dry and with my top coat left a gorgeous shiny finish.

The only thing that disappointed me about this product is the wear, as I had my first chips appear on Day 3. Great colour and great finish, but I missed the usual 5 – 6 day wear I am used to getting out of my nail varnishes.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor


5 Responses

  1. Well I love this product for two reasons: 1. It is quick drying which is what I look for in a nail polish, 2. It lasts long without chipping. This I think depends on the type of nails a person has and also how many coats a person applies. It will last long if a person applies 2-3 coats. Mine always seems to chip off only at the edges and this happens with most nail polishes I use. The colour is fantastic too!

  2. I painted my nails last sunday and today will be the 8th day I have this nail polish on my nails. It’s only starting to chip now
    The colour is amazing, it’s very pigmented and quick to dry. I use it with the Nail Nurse base coat and the Finishing Touch top coat. You won’t go wrong with this nail polish.

  3. I bought this range of nail polish at Foschini for R69,95 each. I applied two coats of the nail polish. It has a gel-like finish. While I had it on my nails, I did a lot of house work and worked in water (to wash dishes). It lasted a 4days without chipping and for me that is very impressive, considering the work I was doing. I bought the hip-hop shade. You can also buy it at Edgars and Clicks.

  4. I like Rimmel nail polish as it doesn’t chip quickly, I will try the new range.

  5. I love this new range. It is easy to apply and fast drying. It does however chip within the first week but has stayed together longer than other polishes I have tried.

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