Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte foundation

A feather-light, liquid mousse that blends flawlessly for natural-looking and an all day shine control. Silky smooth formula for a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish.
Lightweight texture doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Minimises the appearance of pores.

Price: R119.95
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide.


What we say:
I have always been wary of mousse foundations as the few that I have tried have always felt rather heavy on my skin and haven’t blended as well as my usual liquid foundations. The new Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation claims to be a “liquid mousse” (a new formula on the market), so I decided to give it a try hoping it would be more liquid than mousse. The formula is a lot thicker than a liquid foundation and I found it quite difficult to squeeze the foundation out due to it’s consistency.

I always apply my foundation with a buffing brush, but I tried this with the mousse foundation and it doesn’t quite work as well so I resorted to using my fingers to blend in the foundation. This worked much better as the foundation warmed up ever so slightly, making it a lot easier to blend in.

As the foundation is quite thick, I only applied it to my T-zone and blended it out ever so slightly onto my cheeks. With a touch of concealer and highlighter I was left with a fresh complexion and while the mousse is quite thick, my skin was still able to breathe (very important)!

While I don’t think this foundation will take the place of my go-to foundation, on days when I need a bit more coverage or I need guaranteed shine control for the whole day, I will definitely use this foundation!

Overall, I was impressed with this foundation as it is very reasonably priced and it certainly lives up to its claims.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


6 Responses

  1. What I love about this product is that it is thick. I love a very full coverage, as long as it matches my skin flawlessly. This foundation goes on thick, blends well, and covers the imperfections that I don’t like (redness, acne, discoloration, etc.) The only downfall is that there aren’t many color choices to choose from, so I was left with buying a shade that was a little too pink opposed to buying one that was way too yellow. I bought a powder that was yellow to balance the pinkness though, so all was well.

  2. I bought this a week ago. I absolutely love this product. Its so easy to apply and it keeps the shine away. I use this with the Rimmel primer and it works so well together.

  3. In the search for an affordable oil free foundation I decided to try Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation because it was much cheaper then all the other oil free foundations.

    And I must say it really does keep skin matt throughout the day and it is long wearing.
    It also is quite thick so has good coverage.

    The problem I did have with it though is that there are so few shades to choose from and all the shades seem to have a pinkish undertone.. and my skin has more of a yellow or olive skin type undertone.
    So because of the colour and the fact that its a bit too thick for my liking I have to mix it with my BB cream.. then its fine. But dont think I would buy it again

  4. I used this foundation when I visited the beach. I went scuba diving even and while it did rub off where my mask was, the rest still provided coverage! It is a bit of a more thicker formula than I am used to, however, I love this product.

    When you blend it properly it could look as if you are wearing no foundation. The look of the packaging is funky with the Rimmel crown on the front. I was able to find my colour easily.

    It does have a good mattifying effect (I have oily skin). Try this product out!

  5. I waited for this Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation to grace South African shores for quite some time. As soon as it arrived, I rushed and purchased the foundation in the shade “Bronze”. Bronze, which is known to be the darkest shade in the range, blended into my skin perfectly for a “no makeup” feel and look.

    The foundation has a very unusual feel, it feels light and airy like mousse, but is nothing like a liquid, but once you apply it to skin, it melts into the skin, leaving you with a flawless, dewy look. I’d say the coverage is medium, because the foundation does blend very well, but provides a good coverage.

    If you have oily skin, then this is the foundation for you. It leaves skin looking fresh all day with a matte finish, but the skin also looks dewy and not dry with the makeup caking. For the price, I find this to be an affordable foundation, which provides a good coverage as well as leaves skin with a lovely texture.

  6. Considering that I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder after applying this foundation, I think it works really well on oily skin. It covers most of my redness and any other problem areas without the need for concealer..and it’s lightweight.

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