Yardley Rollo Gloss Smooch Balm

Soft nourished lips are yours with added ingredients including grape seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E and SPF15. Seduce your senses with your favourite flavour; you can choose from Ruby Fruit, Strawberries & Cream, Mint & Moisture or Latte Luscious. Perfect for the material girl on the go, Yardley Smooch Balms boast new, fun and funky packaging that screams on-trend.

Price: R32.95
Availability: selected retailers and pharmacies

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Yardley Rollo Gloss

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9 Responses

  1. I love this balm. I’ve got the latte one and not only does it give my lips shine, but it also moisturises it.

  2. I always have a Gloss Smooch Balm within reach. They smell amazing, and I will always get a sneaky kiss from my hubby after I apply it. It is great for any occasion.

  3. These balms are lip smackingly delicious! Mositurises and gives a light gloss affect. Love!

  4. Who can resist the smell of Latte floating in the air? Definitely NOT me!!! I was super excited when I purchased the new Yardley Rollo’ Gloss Smooch Balm. These balms are nothing like your typical balm, they funky and fresh and smell so delicious. I chose Latte Luscious, which is a bronze latte scented lip balm, don’t freak out, I’m not prepared to have my lips be bronzed, these balms are actually colour free.

    When I got a chance to rip open the plastic and try out the balm, I was ecstatic, I applied a lovely healthy layer of this balm to my lips. My lips felt like they were being saved from a drought. They instantly felt moisturised and nourished. While I loved the light scent of Latte, my lips craved for more moisture, during the lunch breaks and free moments, when my lips felt they needed some attention I applied some of this balm.

    I think another great thing about the balm is the presentation, I’m a sucker for cute things (by now everyone knows that) and this balm was just amazing. It comes with a clear lid which has the product name and some details (take a look at the pictures) while the lip balm holder has a cute spiral design all over. The best part about the product is its lock feature, which the cap has a slight ‘clicking’ noise so you know the cover is definitely on and not traveling in your handbag.

    I actually want to try this product in different flavours and I probably would when I get the time. But I would recommend this product to anyone who loves light or soft coloured lip balms, and enjoys scented lip balms and besides this product is completely inexpensive and completely worth it.

  5. This is such a yummy and fun way to gloss your lips. They taste amazing and they are quite fragrant. Very affordable too. Love it

  6. I have this amazing balm in Latte. It smells so delicious and edible. It’s also very nourishing for lips and prevents them from getting dry or chapped.

  7. Sounds like a good option for days when one does not want to wear heavy lipstick!

  8. My sister gave me the mint one and its a nice lip balm. I have used others though that are a bit more moisturizing for a little bit longer.

  9. I see there are 4 variants in total,..will give the other variants a try..

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