Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Face Mask

A nourishing and protective mask with precious natural and organic active ingredients for all skin conditions. In only ten minutes the skin is replenished but without any sensation of heaviness. The Sacred Nature Face Mask contains organic buriti oil, butterfly bush extract, shea butter, and orange distilled water.

A butterfly bush extract enhances and enriches the formula, assuring organic defense of the DNA of the skin’s cells for a notable anti-ageing action. Buriti oil is a precious active ingredient, which originates from a palm tree in Brazil and is also known as the ‘tree of life’. Its unique bright orange colour recalls its richness in carotenoids and therefore its powerful anti-oxidant action. Buriti oil is also rich in fatty acids, which deeply nourish the skin. Normal water which is usually found in the formulation has been mostly substituted by an organic distilled orange water, which has a remineralizing action. Shea butter, originating from an African plant, also known as ‘the tree of youthfulness’, owes its name to its extraordinary richness in fatty acids, vitamins and unsaponifiables, which deeply nourish and protect the skin against environmental factors such as the sun, wind.

What we say:
‘The clean, minimalistic and zen-style packaging of this face mask may look unassuming, but the product it holds is nothing short of impressive. The first thing you’ll notice about this mask as you squeeze it out of the bottle is its luxurious, silky texture. It is incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, and gives the feeling of intense hydration without even a hint of oiliness. The texture is more like an indulgent moisturiser than a mask.

‘The mask applies easily and evenly, and feels unbelievably soft on the skin. It rinses off easily with just a little warm water. The effect of the mask is almost immediate – my skin felt clean, clear and pure after just the first application. Unlike certain masks which leave a slightly tight, dry feeling after application, this mask left my skin feeling supple and well hydrated.

‘I would strongly recommend this mask. The smooth texture and non-oily finish makes it suitable for all skin types, and the gentle nature of the mask makes it perfect for sensitive skin. The compact bottle and completely leak-proof top make it easy to travel with. Above all, the immediate and remarkable effect it has on the skin make it an incredibly worthwhile product.’
– Nicole

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4 Responses

  1. Obviously this looks gorgeous, but I can’t see myself spending so much on a facemask. There are tons available at Clicks and Dis-Chem. I’m sure I’ll find the right one there.

  2. If you are into natural beauty, give this mask a try. I have the scrub which comes in a huge tube( would ast you a year!) . Upon application, this creamy mask soaks into your skin and definitely leaves it soft and glowing. These divine products are made in Italy and are sold at Carlton salons.

  3. I would like to try this, but don’t see myself giving out that amount of money for a mask… I’d rather try to make my own.

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