Satiskin Exotic Ocean Paradise Foam Bath

Satiskin Exotic Ocean Paradise Foam Bath

Satiskin Exotic Ocean Paradise is the perfect relaxing bath companion; its’ longer lasting formula allows you to enjoy your favourite part of the day for longer, and because it is PH balanced, it is gentle on your skin, keeping it satin smooth for longer.

Price: R52.99
Size: 2l
Availability: All major retail outlets


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  1. My 2 year old son loves his long bubble baths, and this is such a winner. The bubbles stay as fluffy and full till the very end. It’s a sure winner in my household.

  2. Satiskin is my favourite foam bubble bath. I love the soapy, smooth bubbly effect. Nothing better then the smell of pine aroma or ocean fresh in a bath of hot water on a cold wintery day or night. I have used all the different variants but have not yet tried the exotic ocean Paradise.
    This is the only bubble bath foam that I use. when there is a promotion on Satiskin I buy up to 10 bottles.

  3. After purchasing this product, I simply don’t see any reason to pay extra for Radox. The full range smells heavenly, with a multitude of options to suit your olfactory preferences. This product is great value for money, at about R55 you can be sure that this product will last you for months (depending on how many bubbles you like). The handle on the bottle allows for easy pouring too. Love this product!

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