Rimmel ScandalEyes

The outrageously scandalous new lash plumping mascara. Scandal’eyes Mascara features a unique combination of a Max Density brush with a triple collagen and keratin formula for up to 12 times more volume.


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  1. I LOVE liquid eyeliners and I think I have the art of applying a cat eye down like a pro. But I do often have problems with the staying power of these liners. They move and flake, crumble and just dissapear on you. I have never used a liner like this before. I usually go for the normal wand applicators or most recently, the felt tip applicator type which has proven to be more user friendly but with limited pigment and staying power. I want my eyes to stay perfectly done all day long as I am in Sales. Initially I was intimidated by the brush applicator. What a suprise this was. The colour is pitch black, very intense and so smooth. It really does glide on. The brush is very fine to create thin lines and wings but it’s so easy to build up to bolder looks. The consistency of the gel is not drying at all. It is almost like a mouse if that makes sense. Very light and airy. And best of all…This sits on your eye like a waterproof product. I use oil based removers to get it off. This is a holy grail product in my opinion and I don’t see myself switching to something else. You use so little, that pot will last for months and months.

  2. I tend to love Rimmel products. More hits than misses in my opiniion but the Orange ScandalEyes Mascara did not impress me at all. I expected it to make my lashes look like falsies and voluminous. Very thick and “fake looking” but it pretty much looked like any normal, every-day mascara. Nothing great. It is not a bad mascara, but the big wand gets it on your eyelids most of the time during application. I have very fine lashes so it might be a personal problem but the name and tv ads gave me a different impression. I have heard that some of the other coloured ones are great like black tube one!

  3. I have no idea why this product has gone unnoticed by so many beauty bloggers! I am a huge fan of gel liners even though the few that I have tried where by no means the best. So when I ran out of my favourite MAC fluidline I spotted this in Clicks and picked it up. I cannot stress how amazing this product is! It is incredibly smooth, super black and highly pigmented, lasts all day long yet it comes off easily with the swipe of a cleansing water soaked cotton ball. This is the only gel liner that I can tight line my eye with and it does not irritate my eyes; and at around R150 a pop it is definitely worth it!!

  4. I love the colours of these eyeshadows, they all have a slight shimmery pigment in them.. makes them perfect for both day and night.
    No more crushed, messy eye shadow pallets!

    Becareful not to use too much pressure on application else they will go on too dark and not blend well.
    Dont try to use them a eye liners though.. casuse they are too thick and it will most likely go horribly wrong!

  5. I recently tried the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil. At first I wasn’t blown away. I found that it required more than the usual amount of applications to get the desired result, but I couldn’t deny that my lashes were incredibly defined from the very first application. I am, however, all about that bass ;) I LOVE volume!

    I have now been using this mascara for 2 weeks and overall, I highly recommend it. Yes, it may not give me that “oomph” that I am looking for after the first application, but how many mascaras on the market do? I find that two or maybe three coats gives me that “fake lash” look without the sticky, messy glue! What’s more, you can apply this mascara over and over again without it becoming clumpy! It is amazing! It must be the secret ingredient… Argan oil!

    It helps keeps your lashes in order and as glamorous as ever! What I find really effective is using one of my slightly clumpier mascaras for volume, and then I apply the Wonder’full mascara to add definition and order to my unruly lashes.

    I have found that this method is effective beyond my expectations! So what’s the secret to this amazing definition? Well as I mentioned, the argan oil is definitely a key factor! I love the applicator!!! The bristles are rubbery in consistency, which aids in keeping them firm during application and thereby keeping your lashes defined and gorgeous. They are also spread a good distance apart which further ensures Hollywood worthy definition. Finally, the applicator is curved which gives your lashes that professional, red carpet ready finish!

    The packaging is luxurious and simply irresistible! It definitely stands out from many of its competitors and it suckered me into a purchase ;)

    So there you have it – my experience and tips for using the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara.

  6. I love the colours of these eyeshadows, they all have a slight shimmery pigment in them, making them perfect for both day and night. No more crushed, messy eye shadow pallets! Be careful not to use too much pressure on application else they will go on too dark and not blend well. Don’t try to use them as eye liners though, as they are too thick and will most likely go horribly wrong!

  7. I love this Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara. It has a thick application brush that manages to give each eyelash an even coating of mascara. It also combs them out to give long and thick eyelashes (which are my favourite type)

    The mascara itself is kind of dry looking, but for me, that is a good thing, as that means the tube will not get messy as I scrape excess mascara on the sides of the tube before application.

    It takes a bit too long for my liking to dry and so, you need to be careful not to sneeze or close your eyes, as you will end up messing your eye area.

    I give this mascara a 10/10

  8. For those who naturally don’t have long lashes like myself, it does wonders.
    After curling my lashes and applying the Scandals eyes Mascara it looks awesome.
    Generally mascara takes bit longer to dry but this one works for me cause I use a lash curler to create the perfect effect.

    Thank you Rimmel

  9. The first thing that caught my eye with this mascara was its packaging. I like the black and white colours – very retro glam! I do think the mascara tube is very bulky though, which can be quite inconvenient to carry. But the results I got from using this mascara made up for that disadvantage.

    I was very impressed with the end result. This mascara really does give you that thicker, fuller, wide-eyed look, as promised. I think this is because of the big mascara wand. The bristles are also long and fine, so it gets to every lash perfectly.

    The only problem I had with this product was that the formula got dry very quickly as I applied it to my lashes. This made my eyelashes clump together in some areas.

    Other than that, the effect was extreme and gave my lashes a lot of length and volume. It made my eyes pop and made them look brighter and bigger.

    I would recommend this mascara for evening wear, not for the daytime or everyday wear. It is ideal for adding a fierce kick to your makeup look.

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