Rimmel ScandalEyes

The outrageously scandalous new lash plumping mascara. Scandal’eyes Mascara features a unique combination of a Max Density brush with a triple collagen and keratin formula for up to 12 times more volume.

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19 Responses

  1. Being a professional make-up artist, I love to try all the new mascaras that come on the market, because – while I have my list of favorites – I’m always on the lookout for new contenders that could be added to (or even possibly replace something on) that list.

    And I’m excited to say that the Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal’eyes Mascara definitely made the cut.

    I love the bright orange packaging. Its fun and makes it easy to find your mascara in a ‘very busy’ make-up bag – like mine…

    The unique feature of this mascara is the 50% larger and denser MaxDensity brush. It really is huge and allows you to apply mascara to all of your lashes from the teeniest inner most corner, to the outermost corner in just one sweep.

    This also allows you to slowly build your look – from one coat, which is more than sufficient for a daytime look – to a couple of coats, for an outrageously scandalous night time look – without any clumping.

    The actual mascara (liquid) is also great, enriched with a triple collagen & keratin formula. So it goes on smoothly, plus helps to nourish and protect your lashes. But that still doesn’t mean that you should sleep with it on… always remember to take off all your make-up before going to bed ladies. ;)

    The staying power of this mascara was also a plus point for me. I am a self proclaimed salsa addict and after a couple of hours on the dance floor, this mascara was still all in place with no unflattering ‘raccoon eyes’ effect.

    That said, I do hope that they follow this product up with a waterproof version, as some people still prefer to be safe rather than sorry, especially when it is for a special occasion like a wedding, etc.

    The only possible negative to this mascara, is if you do not have a steady hand, the large brush could make it a bit easier to ‘mess’ on the skin around your eyes during application. But this happens to all of us every now and then… big brush or no big brush, so I don’t really count it as too large a negative.


  2. Sad as this is generally a good product however I find this one clumps a lot

  3. I won the hamper and the first thing that attracted me about this mascara was the funky colour but oh i am honest not the best mascara that i will recommend Rimmel has amazing products but this mascara is a let down way to thick for lashes.

  4. At first I did not like this mascara at all! The brush was way too big and my lashes clumped… but then I realised I was applying it all wrong. If you leave every coat to dry before applying the next, it does not clump at all. And the result is beautiful black and thick lashes. I really like this formulation, I just wish they brought it out with a smaller brush (with plastic bristles). I am really happy with this product.

  5. Personally I really like this mascara. Yes the formula is sticky, but if you are patient and careful with the application you can build up long, thick lashes. The big brush takes getting use to but it is great at grabbing onto the lashes. The colour is a nice black on my light blong lashes and for R90 it is affordable. But if I had to choose between this or Maybelline’s Great Lash….I’d go for the great lash mascara.

  6. Same as the ladies above I was also disappointed by this Mascara. My lashes looked clumpy and smudged EVERY time I used it. Deff won’t be buying this again. The only thing I kinda like is the look of it.. :-/

  7. I find rimmels volumising mascaras always clump. I prefer the lengthening.

  8. I made a horrible choice. The brush was way too big for flawless application. The mascara did not dry quickly enough, causing smudging. It clumped horribly, the brush holds way way too much of the product on it. Overall I would say this worked well, one coat and combined with another faster drying mascara, but I would never buy it again.

  9. I am quite disappointed in this mascara. After all the hype, I was hoping for a really “WOW” effect on my lashes, instead I got clumpy goopy flat lashes. the formula is very sticky and the huge brush makes it difficult to fan out your lashes nicely. The colour is a really nice intense black which would be perfect for a smokey eye. Overall I don’t enjoy wearing this mascara

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