LUX Scarlet Blossom

Composed as a complex yet delicate bouquet of floral notes and infused with Fragrance Pearls, these tiny capsules contain a blend of the finest perfume oils, giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower.

Price: R18.99
Availability: Leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

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15 Responses

  1. Lux body washes are very affordable and smell good as well. I just find them quite average in terms of moisturising effect, and most of the scents are slighly sickly.

    I do prefer the more natural shower creams over the heavily scented floral ones. If I were to use a Lux body wash, it would be the classic one.

    In general I find the Nivea shower creams much more luxurious and more nourishing on the skin. The downside is that they are more expensive and you get less product for your money.

  2. I absolutely love it. It’s well fragranced and balanced and lathers on great and leaves my skin soft and smelling great. I love this exotic scent and it is unlike any other bodywash which is fantastic.

  3. Using this gorgeous and luxurious shower cream has changed my life for the better! My skin is left hydrated and feeling silky smooth. The fragrance is heavenly and the price is too good to be true. I can’t get enough of this shower cream which lathers so beautifully!

  4. I use the Evenly Beautiful body wash – It feels and smells great. contains burnt brown sugar, for slight exfoliation, and karite butter, to enrich the skin

  5. I used this product whilst away at a shooting training with my work – the SAPS. It’s at a farm, very dusty, dirty and unladylike. I bought it as I liked the packaging and I thought it would fit the scenario we were given – showers no baths. I also thought this is better than taking soap. I was at the Moloto farm for a week and my shower times, twice a day, were what I looked forward to as I smelled nice afterwards. As the itinerary was packed, I forgot to put on my deodorant twice, but I didn’t smell bad. So its getting 10/10 from me, because my hubby likes it, and I Love it.

  6. I love all the body washes from LUX. Its the only brand I buy.
    It’s cheap, smells divine, moisturizes my skin and lasts a long time!

    the first time i tried the scarlet blossom,the smell was really overpowering but after everyday use im getting used to it.

    I can even smell it on my skin during the day and i love the way it feels on my skin.Will definitely repurchase again.

  7. The packaging is gorgeous and its easy to open. The peach red liquid is pretty and the gel has a thick consistency. With Egyptian violet and Elemi oils it smells exotic. It was easy to lather but the foam did not feel rich enough and the scent linger only for about half an hour. But I would purchase this body again as it smelt great.

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