Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Electric Blue

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Electric Blue

For ice shattering maximum colour intensity, LIVE COLOR XXL is available in a range of COLOUR INTENSE shades. Developed with built-in colour protection for long lasting, intensively shiny hair, the Colour Intense range provides permanent and intense colours that are guaranteed not to fade. So, if you feel you’ve got the attitude, Schwarzkopf has definitely got the colour for you.

Price: R95
Availability: Selected Clicks stores.


4 Responses

  1. So disappointed in this colour, stripped my colour to near white, put the blue on and my hair is more black then anything, looks nothing like the expected colour, have used the purple in this range and was happy with the results but I’m not impressed with the blue, waste of money do not buy if you expect your colour to come out as advertised, false advertising to the max

  2. okay so, i’m a self proclaimed home hair dye specialist and for the last year i’ve been broadening my horizons in terms of colour choice, problem is… it’s really hard to get unique colours in SA that dont just wash out. I know manic panic is available at some tattoo stores but it’s hella expensive. so at the beginning of 2015 my aussie friend brought me some epic peacock green dye and it was amazing! buuuut after a few weeks the colour went more gross than “yay” so i set off to buy some of my standard red at clicks and low and behold Schwarzkopf came to my rescue yet again! this blue is amazing the colour held through daily washing for a whole 2 months while gradually fading to a stunning pale blue. it dyed my hair evenly! it was easy to apply, no pesky mixing involved (unless you enjoy colour blending your hair, in which case this is amazing to do) honestly i could on for day about this product because i am just so smitten with it! well done Schwarzkopf! now to find a shade in pink…

  3. i have (naturally) jet black; short hair and the last time i dyed it was probably about 15 years ago. i recently peroxided panels of my hair to a white blonde and then decided to colour them with Schwarzkopf Live Color – electric blue.
    the results have been amazing. i only used a third of the tube but the colour showed up brilliantly against my black hair. it’s subtle when i wear my hair back and striking when it’s down.
    great for a quick change!

  4. So I did it! Live Electric blue on my beautiful blonde hair.

    At first I was very afraid. I was crazy about the colour, but on my hair? But I’m so glad I tried it. Because I’m in love! Easy to use! No harsh smells or damage to my hair. This is great! I would with out a doubt recommend to ANYONE!

    I only added n few stripes of Live Electric Blue. But later in the year just before a very special photoshoot I will be adding more!

    Gatskop product! Thank you!

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