Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Intensive Oil Care Colour


Achieve gorgeous colour richness that stays visibly rich and intense for long with hair full of shimmering shine.

Price: R94.99

Retailers: Selected retailers nationwide

As I often have my reservations about adding colour to my dark hair, it usually boils down to me applying the colour and walking away with my hair remaining dark brown.

Looking at the example of how my hair would take to aubergine as per the Palette box, I smirked thinking “another colour which my dark hair will eat up.” To my amazement, firstly the odour was subtle (win) and once I rinsed the dye from my hair and applied the treatment conditioner, my hair felt silky smooth (no dye has ever made my hair feel instantly healthy).

I immediately applied heat to my hair which I thought would have a horrid effect but even then the end product was shiny, sleek, aubergine as per the box example and beautiful looking hair. The colour change was evident and my family and colleagues immediately noticed the difference.

I have chemically treated hair and I must say that the Schwarzkopf Palette permanent dye was such a treat for my dark hair. It has been 4 weeks since I used this product and my colour is still as fresh and amazing as when I applied it. Definitely one for the positive hair experience list as I can safely say, I don’t have many of those.

– Martinè Hendricks

I’m really impressed with Palette Deluxe Intensive Oil Care Colour. I’ve had so many compliments about my hair colour since using it! Having a really short hair style, I only had to mix half the colourant cream with the developer emulsion. It is non-drip which means no accidental bathroom redecorating or major clean ups afterwards. There was no overwhelming chemical smell while using it and the excess product wiped off my skin quite easily without leaving too much of a mark. I normally have a rather sensitive scalp after using any sort of hair colourant, but there was no problem with this product and my hair was not dried out either. It’s been a few weeks since I coloured my hair and the colour has stuck around even after many washes. The stray greys are even behaving. I would definitely buy this product the next time I colour my hair.

– Wendy

I don’t dye my hair often, but when nature calls i.e. wisps of grey neatly nestled amongst the rest of my locks, I go in search of a reliable, strong, beautifully smelling lush product.

Dyes I’ve used in the past haven’t always met my requirements. In fact, I once dyed my hair only to find that after the entire process my “wisdom patch” was the only section unchanged.

I’ve always been a fan of Schwarzkopf  products – the name itself speaks volumes, meaning “black head.” And as genetics would have it, I have black hair but opt for warm dark browns. Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe – an intensive oil care colour (3- 0) is so rich and luxurious in colour and the after-treatment nourishes completely. After use, I felt like I’d stepped straight out of salon.

It ticks all the boxes in my opinion – the packaging is easy-to-open, easy-to-use and the colour was spot on. Most importantly for me – it covered the grey perfectly. Six weeks later and my hair feels and looks as good as day one.

It’s a must-use for first-timers, and veteran hair dyers – I’ll definitely use this again.

– Lauren Mc Comb

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