Gillette Series After Shave Splash CoolWave

Finish a great shave with a fresh, clean aftershave that refreshes just-shaved skin. The long lasting masculine fragrance is blended with moisturisers.

What we say:
‘I really am impressed with this aftershave from Gillette. I have sensitive skin and usually aftershaves sting my skin when applying them direct after shaving. This one, however, didn’t, and I found it to be a lot gentler. The smell was really masculine and fresh, even my wife said it was rather smooth on the nose. AND it lasted for up to four hours. My only niggle with the product is the neck – it’s a little too wide and if you’re not careful you could waist too much when splashing it into your hands. Overall, it was a pleasant experience shaving and applying the Gillette aftershave.’


9 Responses

  1. Bought this for my Hubs and guess what he’s crazy about it, myself i like the smell of it fresh and clean, really a great splash for men.

  2. Certainly doesn’t leave you with that burning sensation you so often get from similar supermarket over-the-counter products. Also smells great. Recommended.

  3. This is the most refreshing aftershave ever, treat yourself and get this product and feel the difference after your morning shave, outstanding product.

  4. Now this stuff smells like heaven to me i like it, took some from my dad and i did not return the bottle, i love it.

  5. I am crazy about this cool wave after shave, it has a great smell and i feel very confident when i use this i don’t why maybe it’s because i just love it, great aftershave for me.

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