Optiphi Set The Canvas

Smoothing fine lines and pores for picture perfect skin that’s soft and flawless. This innovative formula leaves a smooth and invisible protective layer for easy application of your make-up. Set The Canvas is designed to create a flawless make-up finish. The silky texture gives a matte, long-lasting appearance and colour stays vibrant and radiant morning to evening. Set The Canvas can e reapplied during the day to combat persistent ‘shine’.

What we say:
‘I am firm believer in good primer – there is nothing like the silky smooth texture of your skin that a primer provides for the application of foundation. Applying foundation becomes so much easier and effortless when used in conjunction with a good primer.

‘I am a bit of a brand junkie, so I tend to stick to what I know, but I decided to give Optiphi’s Set The Canvas a try. I had not heard of the brand before (which is a bit embarrassing considering I love my make-up), but the primer provided the perfect canvas for the application of my foundation – leaving my skin feeling silky and smooth and ready for a flawless finish. My make-up set perfectly and remained matte, but with a healthy glow, which is the main thing I look for in a good primer. I want my make-up to last and my skin to look radiant and have a healthy glow, but not oily and dense with products and this is exactly what the Optiphi primer did.

‘It absorbs very quickly into your skin and definitely does not make you feel as if you have layers upon layers of products on your face. Applied after you moisturise and before you apply your foundation, you are guaranteed to have an excellent and flawless finish. The most noticeable difference is my make-up always looks good. Great buy!’
– Janice

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9 Responses

  1. While I’ve really only tried 3 primers and the reference sample is not very large, it must be said that this primer is tops. It does exactly what I expect a primer to do. It provides a flawless and matte finish on the skin, without feeling greasy or slippery. Sometimes, I’m even tempted to NOT put on any makeup after applying this primer because my skin is just that flawless and radiant. Can’t fault this product at all.

  2. I have been wanting to try a primer for months now, but have never really found one that caught my eye quite like Optiphi’s Set the Canvas. I have found that no matter which foundation I use, it never really lasts a full day, often looks crumby by midday and NEVER looks as flawlessly smooth as shown in pictures. I admit that I have tried other methods of getting this finished look like moisturising before applying foundation, using powders, etc. But no great successes yet!

    I love the simplicity of the packaging of Optiphi’s products, it gives you a feeling of luxury and cleanliness – perfect for a skincare range! The first thing I noticed was the scent which was a mild and pleasant smell, not chemical at all. I applied it over my moisturiser, as instructed and was impressed to feel how they weren’t lying when they said it was a silky texture. To be very honest, I have never felt something quite like this. It is amazing to feel how your skin transforms from dewy (from moisturiser) to satin smooth.

    This created the perfect “canvas” to apply foundation and I already noticed how much smoother it applied, and that I didn’t require as much, as the foundation spread more easily and evenly. I liked that the primer removed the shine from my t-zone, and how my make up looked professionally done, on the daily basis. Now, the best part, for me, was the fact that for the first time – since the beginning of ever wearing makeup – my foundation lasts a full day! That’s right, it doesn’t smudge, crumb or fade throughout the day. Instead, my foundation stays looking fresh throughout the day, proving why Optiphi has won several awards for their range of products.

  3. My favourite primer! Even better than smashbox!

    This primer, wow! I applied it over my usual face cream, and it had a blurring effect, goodbye pores! It made my face look airbrushed. It has a silky feeling and made my face feel so smooth. I then applied my BB cream over and it stayed all day, with no shine but still with the radiant glow that I love. The primer claims to create a flawless finish, and it certainly lives up to that claim! The primer can also be applied throughout the day, over your make-up to combat shine for a matte look. The primer doesn’t have any colour, so it creates an invisible layer of pure perfection. I personally prefer a radiant glow over a matte look, and I find that if I wear it under my BB cream I can achieve a radiant look, while over my BB cream provides the matte look. For a natural look, use the primer with just a little dusting of bronzer.

    For about R240 it really is worth it!

  4. Both my sisters use this and they highly recommend this product. I’m rating according to their input.

  5. There products are really good i have not been disappointed with anything thus far. Pricey but way worth it.

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