Shield MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence

Shield MotionSense is the world’s first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement, leaving you feeling fresh and protected throughout the day.

Patented capsules break when triggered by friction providing protection against odour. The active ingredient kicks in from your first move of the day and then keeps working to deliver 48 hours of sweat control, eliminating bad odour at the source. Shield MotionSense technology is based on a smart fragrance system with specially designed fragrance oils, patented Shear encapsulate fragrances and starch encapsulate fragrances that respond to triggers such as movement, moisture and temperature.

It’s available for both men and women in anti-perspirant roll-on (R28.99) and aerosol (R28.99). The women’s roll-on range includes: Classic Dry, Fresh Confidence, Sure Dry and Fresh Musk.

 What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

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5 Responses

  1. I usually use the normal Shield but I decided to purchase a Shield MotionSense after seeing the advert on television and in a magazine, and thinking it sounded interesting. I chose Oxygen Fresh – The fragrance is fresh, clean and light (It doesn’t smell like anything specific.) The product is light weight, and isn’t too heavy on the skin after applied. This product keeps me smelling fresh for at least 8 hours, and it definitely does give off a burst of freshness/fragrance when you move. I am pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it! :)

  2. I absolutely love this product!
    I fell in love with the confidence it gives me during the day and my intense workouts. It keeps me smelling fresh and dry as I move during the day. Definitely a trustworthy brand and product. Great work shield!

  3. I have always used Shield as my brand of deodorant… and now it’s even better!  

    I would definitely recommend these products to anyone, especially if you are active.

    Shield really is long lasting against sweat and odour. Once applied in the morning it lasts throughout the whole day. Although I can’t say I’ve ever tested it for more than 12 hours max (that’s just a bit gross haha), they do promise 48 hour protection!

    What an amazing technology! I was skeptical that something like this could be possible, and I’m not sure how it is, but I can say that it really does work!

    Just when I thought Shield couldn’t get any better – they did!

  4. Upon opening the roll-on and spray, I found that they had a lovely smell; it reminded me of baby powder (the best scent in the world!).

    Both the roll-on and the spray felt light on my skin and they absorbed really quickly. The product smelled just fine at the end of a long day.

    However, I have to say that (after a while) I felt a bit of sweat under my arms which disappointed me. I am therefore not too impressed with Shield’s MotionSense technology.

  5. This is a fantastic product. It works for me, and now – I’m hooked!

    I love the smell – they are good enough to wear without any other fragrance, which is perfect for me, as I only like to wear perfume on special occasions.

    It feels great – they are both smooth and soft on my skin.

    I would definitely, definitely recommend it!!!!

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