Sebastian Shine Define Spray

The crowning moment in any designer’s collection is the finale parade of dazzling show-stopping styles that always highlight the spark after dark. Tempting Sebastian to redefine hair’s flex appeal, with the sensual satin sheen enhancer, Shine Define. Contouring thermal shield protects hair from hot tools, conditioning hair with a natural, brush-able sheen and irresistible definition.

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3 Responses

  1. I have been waiting for this product to hit the shelves. Though the price might intimidate you just a little remember that envy you have when you look at celebrities hairdos in magazines well you will be having that exact same salon shine and feel great.

  2. Having only hear good things about the Sebastian range i can only but imagine how FAB this product is going to be! I think that a lot of ladies, myself included can spend hours fixing yourself up and lets be honest the time put in to look “effortless” is a lot. I think this shine product could be our finishing touch for people to really nice. Every time I leave the salon I feel like my hair is as bright as a diamond, but in fact all it is, is the shine spray they put on after your blow wave! This product is a must! I’m dying to actually try it!

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