Sh’Zen Serenity Cleansing Wash

Sh'Zen Serenity Cleansing Wash

Relax your body and soothe your senses with the peaceful scent of this hydrating body wash. Uplifting jasmine improves skin elasticity and restores energy, grounding vetiver eases muscular aches and calms the mind, balancing rosewood is a wonderful skin rejuvenator and lifts the spirits, while calming sandalwood reduces tension and relieves dry, chapped or inflamed skin. Pour under warm, running bath water, or lather all over the body when showering, and enjoy the sense of serenity it imparts.

Price: R169
Size: 200ml
Availability: Please visit for further information on Sh’Zen consultants.

What we say:
When it comes to body washes, I tend to stick to what I know.  I do love a good quality, yet subtle smelling body wash, so I was quite keen to try out Sh’Zen Serenity Body Wash.

It comes in a shower-friendly container, with a flip lid for easy pouring.  The smell is wonderful – with hints of fresh jasmine and rosewood, this body wash offers your skin a rejuvenating wash, while the vetiver eases tired muscles after along day at the office.  I did find that I needed quite a bit of the product when showering.  I loved that the body wash wasn’t strong and didn’t leave my skin stripped of all its moisture, which is great for ladies with dry skin.

I like that the fragrance from the body wash lingered ever so slightly and wasn’t overpowering in any way.  If you do not like heavily scented body washes, then this is for you! And if you would like to add a luxurious feel to your bath time – add a few drops of the body wash to your bath – the smell is heavenly!

At R169 it is the perfect splurge and a lovely spoil.
– Janice, BSA Traffic & Campaign Manager

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One Response

  1. The thing I like about this wash is it’s smell. It does not have the traditional over powering Jasmine scent that products with this ingredient tend to have. You need to have a good sniff to detect it. For me, it smells woody, not heavily sweet but more floral. The consistency of the gel was light, and loose. My skin felt clean without feeling stripped, and soft. I enjoyed this body wash and would definitely gift it to a mother, girlfriend or sister.

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