Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System

A six-step relaxing system for the woman who wants it all. Each product in the system is specially designed, working together to give you 85% less breakage and 80% more shine.

The Pre-Treatment Conditioner protects previously chemically-treated hair from dryness and breakage. The Silkening Shine Crème which contains aConditioning Gel Activator nourishes, conditions and protects your hair during the relaxing process. The super-emollient formula makes the relaxer easy to mix and to apply. The Neutralising Silkening Shine Shampoo with Colour Code gently cleanses hair of relaxer. It contains a protein and vitamin blend to fortify hair against breakage and splitting. The Silkening Conditioning Masque infuses hair with a blend of super-hydrating conditioning agents to prevent over-drying while silk extracts and silicones help strengthen each hair from root to tip and restore healthy pH levels. It leaves your hair looking strong, supple and super shiny. And finally the Leave-In Conditioner contains humectants to give your hair one final moisture boost plus a protective shield that defends against damage caused by heat styling.

What we say:
‘Well, firstly, the product has easy-to-read instructions, although it was a lot of reading to do ;) But if you’ve never relaxed your hair yourself, it’s necessary to make sure you know what you’re doing.

‘What’s great is that there were pre-applications that helped protect against hair breakage, which really helped. The smell of the relaxer was divine (compared to other relaxers), and I did not burn or experience any itchiness up until I washed my hair. There was a leave in conditioner (which also by the way smelt great) that I had to apply when I blow-dried my hair. AND there wasn’t much hair on the comb or on the floor afterwards.

‘Lastly, the oil moisturiser was not greasy at all and that’s what I liked about the Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System most as other moisturisers are very greasy. Motions left mine smelling great, feeling soft and silky!!’
– Sazola


5 Responses

  1. Me and relaxer creams have had a bad relationship over the years. This has mainly been because of how they burn my very sensitive scalp….and because of this, the relaxer cream never stays on long enough to give me silky straight hair.

    I finally decided to try the Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System. I followed the pre-relaxer instructions and as i applied the relaxer, i was surprised by how the scalp burning had not yet begun…because it usually starts immediately.

    I managed to apply it to my whole head, did the smoothing proccess and waited for about 20 minutes to allow the relaxer to work its magic.

    No burning happened through out this process. I calmly went to wash my and the relaxer came out. I washed with the neutralising shampoo, used the conditioner and my hair felt soft and silky.

    I loved the super straight results i got! This is my new go to hair relaxer.

  2. I think I’ll get this product for my ultra thin hair – it’s breaking all the time, with the shine as an added bonus. Sounds great.

  3. I used the relaxer and was surprised how soft it was on hair. After the wash my hair was silky soft and smell so nice. I would really recommend this to everyone because I have a hair fall problem and with this relaxer there was no hair in the basin.

  4. It leaves your hair really soft and moisturized so your hair doesnt break. all there products are good for ethnic hair.

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