Sisley Botanical D-Tox

Sisley Botanical Dtox

An intensive one-month treatment, Botanical D-Tox acts during the night, the best time for cellular regeneration, to fend off signs of fatigue.
Highly concentrated in plant extracts, it acts globally on the 3 main levels of the skin detoxifying chain.

Price: R2222

Availability: Sisley counters


What we say:

I was a bit nervous at first to try this out as not only was it my first Sisley product to ever try but it was also a detox programme. I was worried that i was going to break out as I have such sensitive skin. But i went ahead and tried it. Applied it every night for 28 days after cleansing and toning. I did not need to apply moisturiser of this as my skin felt hydrated enough. After the first week I already noticed a difference in my skin tone. It was much more even and just happy. After week two I had people asking me what I am using on my skin as it is glowing.

My dark circles under my eyes seemed to fade too. It absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving now residue and it had a pleasant smell. I would recommend giving the skin a booster like this once in while it really does wonders.





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3 Responses

  1. This product really took me by surprise, and I am so happy I tried it out! With regular, every day use, the skin really does become clearer, happier and brighter. It doesn’t sting or burn the skin and didn’t make me break out either. I love the combination of natural and scientific (chemical) ingredients. So pleased with the results from this, and I would definitely repurchase, especially when my skin is congested and in need of some detoxification.

  2. Hi Cheryl, the D-Tox is applied every night for a month. In just a few days, the skin looks more beautiful in the morning, as if purified. After 4 weeks, the complexion looks bright , features look rested. The skin recovers its vitality and can once again draw maximum benefit from daily care.

  3. How frequently would you apply the Sisley D-Tox and how long do the effects last?

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