Skin Creamery Skin Tonic

Skin Creamery’s two-phase Skin Tonic hydrates, restores and nurtures. Ideal after cleansing, it helps restore balance to the skin. It contains malachite, baobab fruit powder, and organic rose water, with an omega-rich oil layer.

Malachite, a mineral-rich crystal extract, has powerful antioxidant qualities. A semi-precious stone said to have a host of healing properties, malachite is renowned for removing impurities from the skin. It seeks out free radicals, effectively detoxifying skin. Rich in copper, zinc and magnesium, malachite extract helps to regenerate skin cells. It has anti-ageing qualities and protective benefits for those who love being outdoors. It also acts as an after-sun healer, calming redness and irritated skin.

Baobab fruit powder is high in vitamin C, while the floral splash of organic rose water gently balances the skin’s PH with a touch of toning magic. The omega-rich oil layer hydrates and conditions skin. This layer mixes effortlessly with the water phase forming a rejuvenating tonic for damaged or tired skin.

Price: R358.00

What we say:
Of all the products in the Skin Creamery range, this is my favourite. I use it in the morning after cleansing, and before applying my Skin Creamery Wildflower Water-Cream. I give it a few good shakes and then use about five pumps of the tonic to cover my face, neck and decollete. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly, leaving a fresh feeling on the skin. It’s the perfect product to apply in the morning as it’s filled with antioxidants, which fight harmful free radicals and protect the skin against pollution and other environmental aggressors. The oil-layer is responsible for hydrating the skin while the water phase rejuvenates the skin. It contains organic rose water (one of my favourite skincare ingredients!) and malachite, a precious crystal extract known to remove impurities from the skin. I feel like my skin has an extra boost on the mornings that I use this, and I love knowing that I’m applying plenty of natural goodness to my skin without any added artificial ingredients.
– Anien, Editor


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