Skin Functional Anti-Ageing Complex

A blend of highly effective anti-ageing peptides, that combat the signs of ageing. 

What’s different?
A conventional treatment with an unconventional concentration of peptides blended together as one. The peptide blend increases the production of collagen and has the ability to assist in restoring damaged skin. 

Price: R550.00

What we say:
Peptides are a great addition to an anti-ageing skincare regime. Not only do they help increase the skin’s production of collagen, but they also assist in restoring damaged skin. I slotted this serum into my regimen during a time when my skin was looking a bit dull and dehydrated. Firstly, I was impressed by how affordable the serum is. It’s not every day that you can purchase a great quality serum containing active ingredients for under R600.

Secondly, I really enjoyed the formula. It absorbs rapidly without leaving a greasy film on the skin. Every time I use it, my skin feels soft and nourished. After consistently using it for a few weeks I noticed that my skin looked brighter and refreshed. I paired the serum with a good quality hydrating moisturiser and broad spectrum SPF 50, and absolutely loved how hydrated and nourished my skin felt. I also love that the product is local – now more than ever we need to support South African brands, and SKIN Functional is a fantastic place to start.
– Anien, Editor


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