Skin Functional Texture and Blemish 2% BHA Tonic

A daily tonic that smoothes skin texture and tone for a natural glow. Salicylic Acid exfoliates and provides quicker cell renewal to minimise the appearance of blemishes, large pores and fine lines.

What’s different?
A non-sensitising and gentle Salicylic Acid that contains no alcohol or drying solvents. All the benefits of Salicylic Acid with no irritation. 

Price: R250.00

What we say:
When I started using this tonic, my skin was acting up. We had just entered the nationwide covid-19 lockdown and I was breaking out (probably due to stress!). In addition, I wasn’t happy with the texture of my skin. It looked a little uneven and my pores seemed somewhat larger than they should be. I started applying this tonic every evening after cleansing in the hope that it would help, and it did! With consistent use, my breakouts started clearing (and stayed away, mostly) and I could see the texture of my skin had visibly improved – it looked much smoother. The first time I noticed an improvement in my skin’s texture was when I applied foundation after weeks of not wearing any. Previously I thought that foundation emphasized my skin’s texture, but this time my foundation looked much smoother on my skin.

I enjoyed the consistency of the product. It’s light and doesn’t feel sticky. There was absolutely no stinging or discomfort upon application.

I also conducted a little experiment with this tonic after a few weeks of using it. I am prone to developing little dry bumps on my upper arms (keratosis pilaris). Exfoliating regularly helps to minimise them, but it doesn’t remove them completely. I started applying this tonic to the area every evening after my shower, and after a week or two, the bumps were significantly minimised. I was really impressed by the results as I’ve tried a number of different products over the years and nothing I have used worked as well as this.

The product is really well-priced and best of all, it’s proudly South African!
– Anien, Editor


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