Filorga Sleep Recover

With our increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles, our skin rapidly begins to show the signs of fatigue with dark circles, puffiness and drawn features. But, thankfully, world-renowned French skincare experts, Filorga, are giving tired skin the boot with their new Sleep-Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm. This unique night-care treatment is specifically designed to help the skin tackle the symptoms of fatigue and stress and takes advantage of your sleep cycle to regenerate the skin and erase all signs of tiredness.

Sleep-Recover has been formulated to tackle four main signs of skin fatigue:
• Drawn features, dark circles and lack of radiance
• Congestion and puffiness
• Fatigue and tension-related lines
• General skin ageing such as uneven skin tone, blemishes, loss
of elasticity etc.

What we say:
I am a newbie at the Filorga brand. I have only heard people raving about it and their range of products so I was very excited to finally try it for myself. I got to try the new Sleep Recover night balm. And I really did need some night time recovery. My dark circles under my eyes became very prominent due to lack of sleep and my skin was tired as I had been travelling alot. After a week of using the night recovery my dark circles have definately faded slightly and my skin feels more alive.

The container is sleek and easy to use with no mess thanks to the pump action. It smells divine and absorbs pretty quickly into my skin. When I wake up the next morning my skin feels happy. I cannot wait to use this for a while longer and see how my skin reaps the benefits of this night balm.

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21 Responses

  1. This sounds like a great product – but the price, ouch! I’d definitely try it – it would be clever of them to offer a trial size product at a MUCH lower price so as to build the brand in South Africa.

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