Smashbox Brow Tech Trio

We took one of our most popular core products and made it even better. Our brow trios have 2 shades of hair color-coordinated powders for a perfect match every time.

Price: R215

Availability: Selected Woolworths stores nationwide

What we say:
While growing up I was over zealous with my tweezers and I am now stuck with brows that are not quite as full as I would like them to be. An integral part of my daily make-up routine is to groom and fill in my brows, so it is important to me that I have quality tools to ensure my brows look as polished as possible.

In the past I have used brow pencils, however I found that the finish is rather waxy and not as natural as I would like it to be. After seeing the Smashbox Brow Tech Trio advertised on their website I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did.

I can honestly say that this brow powder is the best I have used thus far. Having two shades ensures that I can fill in my brows to look as natural as possible, which is something that brow pencils lack, in my opinion. I tend to only use the setting wax when I am going out and I stick to a basic brow gel for my daily makeup, but it is fantastic having the wax as an option.

The Brow Tech Trio is available in 5 shades, so you are sure to find a shade that suits you. If you are looking for a brow powder that will give you a natural finish, then I highly recommend this product. The container is roughly the same size as a R5 coin, so it rather pricey for its size, but it lasts for several months so I feel it is definitely worth the splurge.





4 Responses

  1. This is more like a lifesaver to my brows, sometimes I like filling and shaping my eyebrows as I have extremely light and thin brows, this has helped me, the colours go perfect with the brows and it doesn’t look like you plastered your brows on, very natural look and when you shape them, it looks even better! The perfect product for anywhere, anytime. The size is nice and tiny and can be packed away in your bag, easily.

  2. The Brow Tech Trio makes it easy to create great eyebrows, and keep them on. The colours can be matched to suit you as there is a variety of options, and using the correct brush you can accentuate the natural shape of your brows and give it a boost. The wax portion helps to seal the deal, so your brows look good as long as you need them to. Useful for us with the thin or lopsided brows!

  3. As a redhead, I found this an excellent product between eye-brow dying sessions. Looks natural, can make brows light and natural or dramatic, and stays in place. Now part of my essential collection.

  4. This stuff is SO AMAZING!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH and use it all the time…every day. It lasts the whole day (no lie) and for me, the best brow product I have used…ever! Highly recommended.

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