Sorbet Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub

Valued for its healing properties, neroli oil also adds a sweet, flowery fragrance to this energising range of Sorbet products. Extracts of white peach help to tone and moisturise while vitamin E’s antioxidant properties fight the ageing effects of free radicals to re-energise, soothe, smooth and revitalise your skin. You’ll literally feel your skin soak it in while the aromatic scent of herbal neroli essential oil lingers pleasantly for hours.

What we say:
‘I was feeling particularly run down one evening after a long day at the office, so I decided to crack open a tube of Sorbet’s Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub. Thanks to the neroli oil scent, after scrubbing down I felt particularly (and surprisingly) invigorated! Not run-a-marathon invigorated, but I felt like I could get through another two hours worth of work.

‘My skin felt soft after the first use, and after the second it started feeling smoother too. The body scrub is a mild exfoliator, but you won’t really feel the micro granules if you’re already using a loofa.

‘Sorbet’s Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub has now become the body wash I reach for after an exhausting day I know won’t end after an evening shower.’
– Megan

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28 Responses

  1. The Sorbet range is delightfully scented and sensitive to the skin. This scrub exfoliates gently without damaging your skin. The lovely fragrance leaves you feeling energised, refreshed and feminine altogether. I love it!!

  2. Love the soft feeling afterwards, and the smell it leaves on your skin… I take a spoonful and rub it all over and then I just lay back and soak in a hot bath.

  3. I bought this product and tried it out over the weekend…. It feels heavenly on the skin and so luxurious. I had a lovely time relaxing and soaking in the tub.

  4. I always see sorbet products at Click. They have very affordable products. I would definitely try out this product.

  5. The Sorbet Range has really come along. The products are well priced, attractively packaged and always stocked in high visible areas in the stores. And they deliver what they say they are going to do! Simplicity at its best

  6. I bought this scrub a month ago and I am impressed. Contrary to my face, from the neck down I have dry skin. This scrub is really nice because it doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin, so its perfect for anyone who has dry skin or just a normal skin type. I love the packaging because even when it gets wet the label is still visible since its not a sticker. It has a very energising, fruity kind of smell that I love. I usually use exfoliating gloves as well and my skin always has that clean feeling after using it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their skin to feel exfoliated without the ‘dry feeling’.

  7. This is a great scrub post a hectic gym work out, adds to the awesomeness that you’re already feeling.

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