Sorbet Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub

Valued for its healing properties, neroli oil also adds a sweet, flowery fragrance to this energising range of Sorbet products. Extracts of white peach help to tone and moisturise while vitamin E’s antioxidant properties fight the ageing effects of free radicals to re-energise, soothe, smooth and revitalise your skin. You’ll literally feel your skin soak it in while the aromatic scent of herbal neroli essential oil lingers pleasantly for hours.

What we say:
‘I was feeling particularly run down one evening after a long day at the office, so I decided to crack open a tube of Sorbet’s Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub. Thanks to the neroli oil scent, after scrubbing down I felt particularly (and surprisingly) invigorated! Not run-a-marathon invigorated, but I felt like I could get through another two hours worth of work.

‘My skin felt soft after the first use, and after the second it started feeling smoother too. The body scrub is a mild exfoliator, but you won’t really feel the micro granules if you’re already using a loofa.

‘Sorbet’s Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub has now become the body wash I reach for after an exhausting day I know won’t end after an evening shower.’
– Megan

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29 Responses

  1. I have lots of love for Sorbet. Their products are amazing and i love how they make me feel. I body butters always leave a wonderful scent on my skin. I have yet to try this particular body was but I have used others and I loved those.
    I’ll give this a try.

  2. At the moment I’m addicted to Lux Bodywash, but I think once I’ve finished the current bottle, I would definitely give this a try. I’ve heard great things about Sorbet products. Also, I’m looking for something with a scent that will linger. I love Lux, but unfortunately, after the shower, the beautiful smell fades away.

    Can’t wait to try Sorbet!

  3. Let me just say.. I’m being very bias because any bodyscrub is one of my favourite beauty products but Sorbet has awesome quality products and they are super affordable. I will definately urge anyone to use it.

  4. I have every Body Scrub of Sorbet in my bathroom. Love these scrubs, I actually went to buy 2 gloves for the scrub session, instead of only using one glove

  5. I love this as a daily scrub. Once a week is use Beautiful Earth’s Body Scrub which is my personal favourite. But Sorbet is more gentle for everyday use. Smells gorgeous!! And well worth the small investment.

  6. Yes guys, you CAN use it too. Does wonders for your skin. Affordable and nice smelling scrub.

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