VO5 Smoothly Does It Curl Defining Mousse

Want stunning curly tresses that turn heads? With VO5’s new Smoothly Does It Curl Defining Mousse, long-lasting curls are not just a fantasy. This clever product adds definition to your tresses while conditioning and ensuring there’s no trade off between stunning style and healthy hair. Apply to damp hair, twist, curl and enjoy natural healthy tumbling tresses.

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8 Responses

  1. So my boyfriend is obsessed with curly hair, and here I have pin straight hair and a curling wand which he bought for me so I could get perfect curls for him, as much as I tried, my hair used to be perfectly curled, but very frizzy. Until I purchased the VO5 Smoothly Does It: Curl Defining Mousse.

    This Mousse is actually for people who have naturally curly or permed hair, however, I still purchased it because it would give me a frizz free finish, enhance my curls and can be used for the smoothest straightened hair. I was quite excited to give it a try, and so this weekend I went curl crazy.

    I applied the mousse to my damp towel dried hair and blow dried my hair as normal, once my hair was dry I could feel a lovely smooth feeling to my hair. Excited, I grabbed my Cloud Nine Curling Wand and begun my magic. After half an hour of curling, I was complete, my hair looked sleek and reflected the light in every way possible, plus there was no frizz.

    I noticed my curls lasted longer as well, and my hair smelt great thanks to this awesome mousse. I gave it a try this morning on my straight hair and noticed it does a good job keeping hair looking sleek and shiny. Plus the mousse has a lovely scent which I really like.

    I love the packaging, it’s a metallic hot pink tin and contains all the information you would ever need for a perfect hair day, everyday! Plus the spray nozzle is easy to use, and allows a sufficient amount of mousse to come out.

    I would recommend you give this mousse a try, because it can be used on curls and straight hair, so it’s quite easy to double up.

  2. I have natural curly hair but I use this product after I straighten my hair just to get a lil more volume

  3. I have tried this mousse and my hair looks better the day after, it looks natural and like i spent a bit of time creating my look. I prefer mousse products and this one does the job perfectly

  4. I dont really use it the way it is supposed to be used though :) Instead of doing normal curls, I actualy use a bit of this mousse on my straightened hair, then I roll my hair up into a loose bun. The next day, I have natural curls held together perfectly by this mousse. Looks like a spent a while doing my hair when all I did was actually sleep :) Great product and leaves my hair shiny

  5. Makes curls bouncy and gives lots of definition to hair, it’s amazing if you love to curl your hair.

  6. this doesnt work, i wear my hair wet alot and this does nothing. ikt smells nice though.

  7. I dont really use mousse, i prefer a leave in conditioner or a serum, as i have frizzy hair, From the above review maybe this isnt for me

  8. I won the makeover on facebook with VO5 and got all these products, but have to say this one does not work for frizzy hair, i think it will do wonders for someone with straight hair or maybe curly hair, so i can’t really give my opinion on this all i can say is that this mousse is definitely not suitable for frizzy hair, but the smell is divine and i love the product

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