QMS Medicosmetics Sport Active

A lightly tinted day cream, its unique formulation makes it suitable for all skin tones, covering imperfections, gives a naturally fresh look and leaves your skin glowing. With SPF and an exclusive combination of vitamins, your skin stays fit the whole year round. QMS Medicosmetics Sport Active cream keeps skin firm and healthy and prevents skin ageing as well as premature light-induced skin ageing. It also protects against free radicals.

What we say:
‘On Saturday mornings I prefer to hit the road instead of pounding the treadmill inside a gym and often bury myself under a low-slung cap in case I run into my hot neighbour. I hate wearing make-up while working out – it just gets in the way. But with this light-wearing tinted moisturiser I don’t have to worry about hiding my imperfections, or my skin getting fried by the sun. My skin feels like it can breathe and after 5kms my wristband doesn’t have those brown foundation marks. I’ve even noticed a slight glow to my skin – and no, that’s not the sweat.’
– Megan

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11 Responses

  1. I really think this product is amazing. It offers 3 in one. 1) Moisturising 2) Spf 3) Tint. Get up and go! Value for money. I love it.

  2. This awesome cream really keeps the skin hydrated and looking fresh. I love the clever tinted feel which makes it the perfect moisturiser for the gym. The texture is perfect for my combination skin. The price is a little steep and I prefer it in a tube like other QMS products.

  3. Would love to try it. I would like something I can wear when gymming that wont clog my pores.

  4. Has anyone that has acné prone skin used this product? I try to be very careful when purchasing creams, anything in a cream that blocks pores could easily lead to a break-out, even more when exercising.

  5. Having used QMS before, I think this would be just as good as the other products in their range.

  6. Great product for those who enjoy working out and still want to look good while doing so

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