Stila Convertible Colour

Stila Convertible Colour

This versatile favorite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. Tap onto cheeks and press onto lips. The sheer tint adds an inherent glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant color.

Price: R295
Availability: Stila counters nationwide

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One Response

  1. To start I LOVE the packaging! it comes in a really cute compact which is usually in the color of the actual product, I have the shade Lilium, so my compact is a lovely pinky peach color. The Stila logo as well as a number of flower motives are embossed on the lid, this is really handy (to me at least) when digging around in your bag without looking, this will be easily identifiable to the touch.

    Once the compact is opened up, it has a nice sized mirror for convenience as well as a very sturdy and durable clip which won’t break easily.

    Moving on to the product itself. This cream based blush has an unusual consistency, i find it to be almost sticky like, without actually being sticky. It is very high pigmented, so be cautious when applying. It is extremely buildable, so start off with a tiny bit and then apply gradually until you achieve the desired effect. It gives me an amazing flushed glow and is extremely long lasting and stays put even through my workout, so seriously impressed with that! It’s not easily transferable so I don’t have to think twice about staining anything if my cheek accidentally brushed against fabric

    So the most amazing aspect about the versatile product is that it’s a multi functional all in 1 color. It can be used as a blush, a lip color, and I have also tried it as a cream eye shadow (just for kicks. These are my findings:

    As a blush: 5/5, really works well and am really happy with results.

    As a lip color: 3/5, I have used this 2 ways. The first was applied to dry lips and the results where horrible. The texture feels weird against my lips and its sort of dry, definitely not moisturizing to say the least. It also seems to accentuate every crease and flaw on my lips. The second attempt was me using my Vanilla Bliss Lip dome from TBS (any non pigmented moisturizing lip balm would do) as a base, and then applying the stila color over that. The results where greatly improved, my lips looked a lot smoother and it it was way more comfortable to wear as my lips were moisturized. The color suits my skin tone, so over all a really beautiful and natural effect.

    As a cream eyeshadow: 2/5, I have oily eyelids so it didn’t work crease and kept ending up in the cream of my lid. It doesn’t specify that it is for use on the lids, but thought i would try it anyway :)

    Over all, I’m really happy with this nifty product. A little goes a long way, so I can see that this was a good buy and definitely good value for money :)

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