Stila Eyeshadow Palette

Stila Eyeshadow Palette

The In the Moment eye shadow palette is a stunning collection of Stila’s award-winning eye shadows, featuring a mix of pretty purples and ultra-wearable, neutral shades that flatter every skin tone and can be worn wet or dry.
Available in four shades: In The Light, In The Garden, In The Moment & In The Know.

Price: R435
Availability: Stila counters nationwide

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4 Responses

  1. I wanted to buy hog-end quality make-up but as a college student you don’t want to spend your entire months allowance on just make-up, otherwise it’s water and bread for the entire month. I was in Woolworths when I saw these amazing pallets from Stila. At that time (more or less two years ago) it was about R495 for the pallet. I had some money saved up and I decided to buy it. What a great decision that was! Till this day this pallet has been my go-to-pallet. It’s highly pigmented and although most of the cakes have shimmer in, it still looks amazing (I wasn’t really a shimmer gal until owning this pallet). My favourites colour in the pallet are bare, kitten, sunset & bubbly. If I have some extra money, Im totally buying the other pallets as well.

  2. I am so thrilled with this purchase! Not only are the quality of the eye shadows amazing and the colour mix beautiful, but you get 12 eye shadows for around R450! I think that’s great value! I bought mine from Woolworths, and I’ll definitely be back to pick up the other palettes in this range. The packaging is STUNNING, with a lovely gold and copper case with a magnetic closing mechanism and Stila logo embossed on the front, as well as a large mirror on the inside. The perfect palette to travel with. The shadows are extremely pigmented so I think the palette is going to last me a really long time as a little goes a long way. There are 3 matte eye shadows and the remaining 9 all contain the most beautiful shimmer/sheen. There are no chunky glitter bits in the shimmer shades, which is great. There is minimal fall-out too which I love. The shades are mostly peaches, champagnes, coppers (warm shades), with a reddish-brown and a charcoal shade to add depth to the look you create. I have quite fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and I find the shades in this palette absolutely perfect for looks that work well with my complexion. I cant wait to try the other palettes as well as more products from the Stila range!

  3. Stila’s “Eyes Are The WindowTM Shadow Palette” Series is definitely something to rave about. Good value for money and available in four different colour collections: Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit.
    I have only acquired two of the four palettes that are available in this series, the “Mind” and “Soul” palettes.
    The “Mind” Palette has 12 matt pressed powder eye shadow shades all in neutral tones that cover most make-up looks, anything from a subtle look to your choice of a black or brown smokey eye. It is a versatile collection of colours that suits almost every occasion.
    The “Soul” palette has 5 matt shades, 6 shimmer shades and 1 more glittery shade, 12 in total. Once again a palette with versatile Neutral tones only in this palette you find your gold, copper and bronze tones and to top it off the right shades for a silver smokey look.
    I really love the way this product applies, little to no fall out (the powder/shadow that falls on your cheek), it’s very pigmented (a little goes a long way), you do not have to blend for days –what I appreciate most about an eye shadow is whether or not it blends with ease, it is long wearing and generally just looks beautiful on anyone (myself and everyone I have used it on so far).
    The product does not come with its own applicator but can be used with your choice of eye shadow brush/s. The packaging is relatively light and made of a sturdy plastic in lavish gold (not the cheap-looking kind), it has the branding embossed on the lid, shade names and other product details on the bottom, it opens and closes magnetically (none of those awkward clasps that get in the way or break) and it has a huge mirror which makes life so much easier.
    I will definitely be buying the remaining two palettes to complete my collection.

  4. I’m not a huge eyeshadow fan, I usually tend to go for more neutral colors with a shimmery base to add a bit of sparkle to my eye, but seeing how this was going for a really good price, I thought I would give it a go especially as it is a mix of neutrals with purple/plum colors.

    I find that the formula is ultra creamy making it very easy to apply, It is extremely pigmented so a little really does go a long way. It can be used wet as well to achieve an even more intense color. The eye shadow is buildable and blends very easily to achieve a nice cohesive look when using more than 1 color.

    It also has an added bonus of a Smudge stick in Tetra which compliments this color range (as well as my light brown eyes) beautifully.

    Over all I am super impressed with this palette. I think it will last me quite long, but I would definitely like to try out other eye shadows from Stila.

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