Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Liner

Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Liner

The Magnificent Metal Eye Liner is the one little line that can transform your make-up in a big way. It allows you to create a bold, breathtaking beauty look. The formula contains black no. 2 for the darkest black colour possible and features a new, cutting-edge technology that allows a hint of glistening glitter to shine through. The final effect is a truly unique, multi-dimensional metallic finish, previously only achievable by layering multiple products. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind with an innovative and proprietary filling process. The glistening glitter particles add a touch of shimmer and shine and the unique texture is unlike anything in the marketplace at the moment.

Price: R295
Availability: Stila counters nationwide.


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  1. I have tried this as an eyeshadow as well as a liner, it has a very creamy texture. I would not suggest anyone to use this as an eyeshadow unless you are used to going dark and bold. the base of the eyeshadow is black, but the metallic colours that shine through the black, looks amazing, I use this more as an eyeliner, by wetting the brush a bit and dipping it in the product and then applying it to the eye gently. It’s much easier if you wet your brush first as the product then glides on the eye. This type of liner should be used on a very simple eye so that one may see just how beautifully it stands out.

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