Clarins Sun Care Milk for Children UVA/UVB 50+

A very high 100% mineral sun protection specially developed for children. Based exclusively on a 100% mineral sunscreen, this sun milk is water-resistant and protects children’s delicate and vulnerable skin. Active ingredients include aloe vera extract (to help soften and soothe skin), and vitamin E (to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment). The sunscreen does not contain any chemical filters.

What we say:
‘Being a water baby and growing up spending most of my time outdoors in the sun, I’m very aware of the sun’s harmful and damaging capabilities. Having experienced first-hand at a young age sun damage, it’s very important to me that my daughter is well protected. When the opportunity presented itself to test/review the Clarins sunscreen, I grabbed it with both hands!

‘I was impressed by this Clarins product! The spray nozzle is effective and sprays just the right quantity needed. The application is smooth (does not burn or irritate my daughter’s skin) and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and looking out of sorts. Living by the ocean, in and out of the sea all day, I find most sunscreens to be ineffective and having to apply several times a day. I found the Clarins one to be very durable and lasted considerably longer than any other sunscreen I’ve used in the past. I’m sold and continue to use Clarins as my first choice!’
– Nic

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16 Responses

  1. As a mom, I am SO glad someone made a suncare product with a decent SPF. With recent reports of anything under 50 not being good enough, this is definitely something to buy.

  2. Although it is a bit pricey, u cannot really put a price tag on skin care as sun damage can cause cancer so worth it in that regard.

  3. Clarins is a trusted brand of which i’ve procured a few products that i swear by. SPF50 is a healthy dose of protection and a product i will definitely consider buying.

  4. Although a bit expensive, one should never compromise when it comes to caring for your children. And with a SPF 50+, you can rest assured that your kids are getting the best possible protection available. Will definitely purchase this on my next shopping spree, and with the holiday season in mind – and not taking any chances. Looks like a good product from Clarins.

  5. A must have for South Africa sun.We dont want our little babes to burn enjoying them at the pool or the sea or playing outdoors.We must protect their skin.

  6. I love Clarins. children skin is so sensitive I’m sure this product is heavenly on kids skin. Clarins is the best!!!!!

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